Easy Knit Baby Blanket!


Hey all!!

I know I have been absent, from this lovely blogging community..A LOT recently.. but I promise..lots of good is happening 🙂

I wanted to catch up on some of the stuff, I really want to log on here and this is one of them!

I didn’t think, of watching, a you tube video for this project. I just picked up my yarn and knitting needles and got down to work!

I am pretty happy with the outcome and so is my son, who picked the colors and watched me work on this blanket. All I did was knit different colored yarns, from top to bottom..using the knit stitch! Its the most basic and the easiest of all stitches, but look how prettyyyyy


The best part about this project?? There are no measurements!!! Just eyeball the size you want and go at it!! I just made the blanket, to comfortably cover my son, on all four corners. Made it a bit bigger deliberately, so it can be used for a long time ….. I added the pom poms later, to give the blanket a fun vibe! My dearest boy loves them and so I love them too!! I had tons of leftover yarn, from some other projects I had been working on, so they came in very handy while making the pom poms 🙂 Nothing was wasted! That makes me happy. 😀


I love it, when I can use all of the materials, I’m using in a project and waste nothing. It’s very satisfying to know, that I’m not wasting precious material. Plus, it can make someone really happy :)… just use all the little stuff from here and there and create something new!!

Have any of you been working on any itty bitty projects like this??

Lemme know!


Yarn Haul !

Hey all!

I have been meaning to put up this post for a while now, but my new found hobby has kept my “free” hours, very occupied.

I have however, managed to discover another place to purchase yarn in Kuwait. It didn’t strike me initially but I recently decided to use Google to search “where to buy yarn in Kuwait” and the name Needles and Yarn popped up! I have to say, I was very excited to have come across that information and obviously rushed to the store to buy as much yarn as possible.

The store is super cute to look at ( I didn’t take any pictures). Its a cozy little yarn store, that will make any yarn lover happy. If you wish to take a look at the store, you can check out this post by chocolate mints in a jar. The store has had a face lift since that post but you can get a good idea about the place.


I have not seen the same brand of yarn being sold anywhere else in Kuwait. Needless to say, its gorgeous! I fell in love with the colors and I just had to pick them up. The yarn is cuddly and also 100% wool.


Undoubtedly, the colors and the quality seem good. I haven’t had the chance to use it yet, so I cannot tell how lasting it is.

DSC_0037On a separate note, Wool Ease Thick and Quick is available in Kuwait! I was so happy to find this in Souq Safat. The best part was that it was not as expensive as I had expected it to be! It cost me almost as much as all the other skeins of yarns I had purchased. I ended up making a neck warmer with this one. Its so delicious I wanna use it as a cuddle toy!

DSC_0039Stashed in the bottom somewhere was this lovely mohair, I instantly grabbed a couple simply because they are light and fluffy. BUT my love for yarn elevated ten fold when I saw these

DSC_0047I LOVE cotton- the white fluffy self or in the form of fabric – I am an ardent fan! So when I saw these 100% cotton ones, there was no stopping me. Of course, they are nothing like the chunky yarns I’ve been stashing, for the ease and quickness of knitting; but look how pretty..!!!

The smooth texture from this yarn floored me instantly. I immediately made a pullover for my son and happily started planning the next project, with this yarn.

I don’t have much idea about the different types of yarn, although I’m reading up on it. I do know that much like fabric (which i am familiar with and understand very well) yarn also has different care requirements.Therefore, I get really happy when the care instructions say, machine washable. In my head that’s more like “throw in the machine and shout hurrah”.DSC_0050


Then of course there were these batik prints.

So I picked them in acrylic as well as cotton. It was a good decision because the finished product was exceptionally pretty. I didn’t do much at all and still it looked like I spent hours on it.

All in all, my yarn hunt ended successfully. There’s Barakat in Salmiya, the love of my life in Kuwait Souq Safat and the newly discovered Needles and Yarn.


I’m guessing yarn is going to get me excited all year round, now that I’ve had a taste of how wonderful it is to handle. My fabric stash must be seething in jealousy..


Buying Yarn In Kuwait..


As you know, I have introduced myself to the fascinating art of knitting recently and I cannot explain how pleased I am with it!

I have been constantly knitting ever since my last post and I haven’t really found the time to blog about whatever I have knit so far. I haven’t had the time to click pictures of what I have made so far but I did however, take pictures at the yarn store the last time I was there.


This is the place where I usually go to pick my yarn, when inspiration strikes. They have a good collection of yarn and a few different choices. Of course, most of it is acrylic but they also have 100% wool and 100% cotton yarns, at very reasonable costs.



Every time I go there I end up picking up extra yarn (which i would need to eventually replenish). Hence, another convenient excuse is ready, for a visit to the yarn store, even before I have a project in mind. I don’t know the name of the store because they don’t have any signs, but I’m guessing this store is an extension to an existing store in the market.

If you have ever been to Souq Safat, you will know what I’m talking about. There are many stores there and some retailers have a separate store dedicated to specialty items.

When I started knitting and found this store, I knew I was in love with all that yarn, the moment I set eyes on it. I have seen many yarn stores back home and know that they have much better varieties and options, but in a place like Kuwait, where choices are extremely limited, finding all this stashed in a tiny corner of Souq Safat was a relief.

So if you’re looking to shop for yarn, you better get it now, before the winters disappear for a long time 😛