Chat over Coffee :)

Hello everybody!

Lets chat!

I have been super occupied with a TON of things and have missed this, terribly!!! So, today, I thought, I’d sit down and have a cup of un-rushed coffee and chat with you!!


I decided to use my crappy laptop camera for this image, simply because its a slow day for me today….. The coffee came out , looking like tea! Which means, I love all you guys who love tea 😉

SO! I have been working on a couple of projects recently and have been loving, every bit, of this busy schedule, I’ve had for the past month or so! Among the many things, I’m looking forward to, is the KTAA (Kuwait Textile Arts Association) Fall Bazaar!

That’s because I’m participating as a vendor this year!!! YEEYYYY!!! I am super exited about being a part of it this year because I really wanted to be a vendor last year but had to step back, due to travelling and ill health 😦

BUT YEYYYYYY!!!! *clap*jump*clapclap* I had completely forgotten about their Fall Bazaar and only very recently, decided I’d signup for the vendorship 😛

So I have been trying to make stuff – knit, crochet, sew, quilt- so I have something to show for the Bazaar. I am happy with how things turned out, especially because I was struggling to complete some of the knitting projects, for a while and I got “RE-introduced”, to crocheting! Which by the way, is a topic for another day. Just know, that I learnt crocheting, very early on, as a kid and had a complete memory loss about it in my adult years!! Its weird really, but it happens me!

Well, when I realized, that I was much quicker crocheting, I ripped up a couple knit projects and re did them, in crochet. I was very proud of myself, its amazing how much the brain can remember. Slowly but surely, I’m working on newer crochet techniques and getting better. *thumbs up*

I have been more active on Instagram lately, just for the ease of access really. I used to hate using Instagram, but I have turned a new leaf. Facebook on the other hand, has been ignored a good couple years. I have no clue what my account looks like and have no interest whatsoever! Although, I do have a feeling I might have to fall back in love with it…. missing out on all the funny videos 😛

I have some really exciting news for you guys! I have been working on this, for almost two years and I think I will take a leap of faith and jump right into this one! Its definitely a new one for me, no bake shop this time around, I have other plans for that baby. I have decided, to take a plunge into the well of creativity and I’m really looking forward to when I can finally share it on here!

Just know, there’s some stuff getting ready, lots of shipping ….oh and did I mention prettiness???

Enough said!!!!

Loved this chat!! What have you been up to???



DIY- Easiest Baby Blankets EVER!!!

Hey all!

I usually don’t like to write DIY posts and this one definitely doesn’t count as a tutorial BUT I had to mention it, because its just so darn easy!!!

All you need is- A Baby, some sewing skills (just  the regular kind), two pieces of fabric (exactly the same size as each other) and you’re done! These can be used, as baby swaddle blankets or even receiving blankets 🙂

When I have absolutely no time and I still want to be able to gift someone, something meaningful, this is what I go for! Its easy, simple and so personal! Of course, the person you’re gifting this to, needs to have a baby 😛


Now, I realize that what you see above is not two pieces of fabric, but a couple of pieces stitched together. That’s simply because I didn’t have large enough fabrics to reach a decent size, so I joined pieces of fabrics, and then completed the blankets.

Just put the fabrics, right side facing together and sew along the edges. Leave a little opening on side so you can turn it inside out to bring the good side of the fabric out.


Like the color blocking effect!


Confusing patterns will put the baby to sleep immediately 😛

I wanted to make it look a little neat, so I finished the edges with a straight stitch, to make the blanket lie flat and even.


That’s it!!! Its so simple and I think, the different fabrics make it look even better! I have decided to keep some ready in my stash, just in case I need more  for immediate gifting 🙂 The best thing about this blanket, is that you need no measurements! Just eyeball the fabric and size it according to whoever you’re gifting it to *thumbs up*

This can be used as a summer blanket as well, for babies, toddlers or adults!! Isn’t it awesome??!!

Have fun making some you guys, the satisfaction of making something, that can be used regularly is immense!!

Eid Open House at TIES Center For Cross Cultural Dialogue

On the 31st of last month we visited the TIES (Center for Cross Cultural Dialogue), for Eid Ul-Fitr Open House.

It was a gathering for people, to get together and celebrate Eid (irrespective of religion or nationality) and was a wonderful experience; especially since it was a great opportunity to meet people from all over the world!


The Quiz was on the reverse of this flyer and I didn’t win, so I’m guessing I didn’t get it all right. Still I’m going to post pictures here so you guys can help me figure them out.


Islamic Quiz


Islamic Quiz

There was also a clothes stall, which is not mentioned in the flyer. You could purchase any piece of displayed clothing for 5 KD and the proceeds were to go to benefit Gaza. Sister Lynn, who was really kind and patient, was handling this area. She also told me that she teaches sewing at The British School Of Kuwait, which was happy news for me because I was happy to meet another sewer. She had also brought along some of the dresses she made herself and these could also be purchased.

I was also Informed that Sister Lynn takes sewing classes for adults once a week, for which you could contact her. Apparently they teach professional sewing techniques so yeyyy! I have been trying to get in touch with sister Lynn but haven’t been able to get through to her, but as soon as I do get more info, I shall post it here.

We got some posters made from the Calligraphy corner and we also contemplated, on buying a few pieces of art from Tariq Alobaid’s corner. Some of the paintings were really beautiful and we got his card, to get in touch with him later, InshaAllah. You can look for Tariq Alobaid on various social medias:

Twitter: @tariqalobaid

Instagram: Tariq Alobaid

All in all it was a fun experience. You can visit the TIES website for more information on the work they do and any upcoming events.