IKEA Kuwait- Organizing Makeup with IKEA

Hey all !

Although I’m not a heavy makeup user, every girl, through the fate that she is born with, acquires by default, some kind of makeup. That was the case with me until last year, when I decided to delve further into the mysteries of this art form…and buy more makeup than I would ever need 😛

Until recently, all of my makeup was packed into a box or two and I rarely EVER used most of the products. I ended up using whatever was within reach and didn’t bother with choosing from the modest variety I had lying around. So while cleaning a few weeks ago, I had to throw away a LOT of my makeup because it had been lying with me, unused, way past its expiration date. I was sad and weirdly motivated, to use more makeup than before.

This gave me another excuse to visit IKEA..yeyyy! This is what I bought.

DSC_0437 This is what it turned into

DSC_0441I also bought some of these fillers for planters and such along with two vases..

DSC_0442DSC_0443DSC_0445 I wasn’t sure how it would turn out but it looks beautiful!

DSC_0446I placed my foundations on the bottom and my lipsticks and liners on the top. After setting this up I realized I had a bunch of blushes and face powders as well..so i had to change the set up and put my lipsticks, in a random glass bowl, I had lying around the house.

DSC_0449 As you can tell, that’s all the space I have for my stuff. But I think I made good use of a dead corner in the room and now my desk looks like this!

Empty Nutella jar put to use

Obviously, I couldn’t stop myself from buying these gorgeous flowers because- look how prettyyy! They’ve added so much life to my corner and I’m totally loving, spending time on this desk.

Now all my makeup is in one place and my desk, has never looked better. Its pretty and feminine and I’m really looking forward, to enjoying the vanity of it all..!

What do you guys think?