September Empties!!!

Hey all!

September has come to an end. I thought long and hard, about what I should post about next and came up with this post.

I love reading about and watching, people talk about regular (or high end products), that have worked for them. So, maybe some one would enjoy my September empty products too!

They are not very many, so this will be a quick round up 🙂

DSC_0770First up, is my all time favorite, Nivea Soft Cream! I have used this cream for many, Many years and find myself, going back to it, over and over again. I believe in the simple formula- If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it! The best part about this, is that it is quiet affordable and not as expensive, as some of the other creams out there. It works wonders for my dry skin and I have used tons, of this stuff. Plus, now that winters are fast approaching, this baby, will always be with me.

Next up, is the Avene Thermal Spring Water.

DSC_0771I had mentioned this stuff in my Boots Haul post. It was the first time I made this purchase and that happened because I got two, for the price of one and also because I was intrigued 😛 Well that happens, to the best of us (don’t judge)! I wrote about, the multiple uses of this thing and even though, I feel like, its good value for money- I don’t think I will be adding it to my essentials list just yet. I mean, I use it on my face, some time in the day, to feel refreshed- especially after running many chores. Or sometimes, just before putting on makeup. That’s just because I have it, but its not a necessity just yet.

DSC_0767The Body Shop Vitamin E intense moisture cream, is also one of my favorites. I don’t use it regularly, but just when I feel, my skin needs some extra moisture, I pull this one out. You know, damage repair. Its costly no doubt, but its worth the purchase 🙂 I have used it, paired with the Vitamin E night cream and they do work really well!

DSC_0769The Body Shop Vitamin E, Overnight Serum in Oil….. this my dear people, is the boss, of all things moisturizing! I am in L.O.V.E. with this!!! I use it before bed, almost everyday and I can see the change the next morning. Whatever this thing does, is awesome and you should definitely try it! Can’t wait to go back and get a new one!!

The last product on this list is

DSC_0758Why NOT!?! My previous post, was all about this guy. Why?? Because this baby is awesome! I have already used this one up and the second one is almost half way through. If you want to learn more about it, check out my last post!

Lemme know guys…have any of you used these products? Do they work for you as well? They’re not very high end I know 🙂 But sometimes, simple things make ALL the difference!


Boots Haul!

Hey there people!

As you may have figured already, this post is about my shopping experience at boots. I have been shopping at boots regularly, ever since I settled here and I am satisfied with the range of products that they offer. I almost always find what I am looking for, for the exception of good information about the products, since the staff is not always aware of what they are selling.

Last week I visited boots and picked up a bunch of stuff, including make up! Can’t wait to show you all what I bought..

DSC_0467Boots Botanics Fast Absorbing Hand Cream is one of my favorites hands down. Its very moisturizing and not at all greasy, like some of the other hand creams I have used. I also bought Avene Thermal Spring Water, which I am a fan of. It was my first time using it and it seems to be a multi purpose spray. It has multiple uses some of which include: Makeup removal, Diaper Rash, Facial Redness, Itching, Damaged skin, Sunburn, etc. I cannot say anything in terms of the effectiveness of the product as of now, but it seems like a good product. Also I got one free on the purchase of the other one, so it was a steal.

Most of the stuff was buy one get one free and I mostly find that offer on some or the other product, every time I go there. DSC_0470Moving on to Boots Shea Butter Lipcare..Lemme just say I have been living under a rock all this while! I didn’t know this thing existed or I was simply blind. Whatever the case may have been, I have now discovered one of the best Lip care products on the market. The Boots Simply Sensitive Hydrating Eye Cream is another product, true to its name. My – living under the rock days – are over! yey!

I also picked up some hair ties and mentos, because one can never have enough of those 😀

I don’t know about any of you out there, but I am always misplacing hair ties. Its always good to have some extra ones handy.