The Pinwheels

Hey lovely readers!

I am a self taught quilter. I fell in love with quilting about 3 years ago, when I first came across the whole concept of quilting. My affair with this brilliant art has been ongoing since back then and keeps getting more and more intense, every time I plan a new quilting project.

I am not an advanced quilter and I cannot imagine ever calling myself a pro quilter. I have been quilting for a while but I am still learning. I learnt quilting from the sizable knowledge the internet provides and I follow some lovely quilters works to get inspired.

I made this pinwheel quilt a couple months ago and absolutely love the way it turned out! Its NOT PERFECT but I guess that’s what makes it interesting.



I didn’t use pre cuts for this project. I made it the old fashioned way and bought yards of fabric and cut them according to my need. I always make my quilts with the most basic measurements and go from there. I absolutely hate complicating the projects.

If any of you want to quilt but don’t do it because of all the bits and bobs that need to be used for the projects, I’m here to tell you that you can quilt without any of those instruments! I started quilting with lots of fabric, a pair of scissors and my basic sewing machine. I did not own a rotary cutter, a rotary mat or the scales that you see being used in all the you tube videos. There is no doubt however, that all these instruments make quilting a lot less time consuming and much easier than it would be otherwise.

Happy quilting you guys!



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