It runs in the family.

I never paid attention and I almost never tried my hand at it. Until, I felt an urgent need to sit down and create something with my own hands. Something useful and something that had LOVE smeared all over it, without having to spell out the word!.

Hence, the first baby quilt that I had ever made was born. No rotary cutters or rotary mats, no rulers or templates. Just a pair of scissors, a sewing machine and all the fabric I could get my hands on.

That quilt became a loving companion, of my new born baby boy and stayed with him until he out grew the tiny concoction of fabrics I had so lovingly put together.

I now know what my mother, her mother and probably her mother felt, while putting the tiny fabric pieces together, to form the family heirlooms we save and cherish.

Its still the same for me. I sit calmly at my sewing table, think of what I feel like making and just paddle away, until I’m exhausted yet extremely satisfied, with the new memory I just created….


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