Lets talk about Kuwait! Its my new home and I’m in a love and hate relationship with it..

Its definitely NOT what I had expected. After many, many, many searches on Google, about Kuwait I figured- Hey…it seems like a lovely place, what could possibly go wrong??…. But a month later, I heard myself laughing in my head, MOCKING and pointing at me and going “BAHAHAH!!……. 😐

So here I am, trying to find ways and means to Love the remarkably surprising nature of this country. Its beautiful in its own way and I do wanna have to like it. I absolutely love the fact that its a great place to shop, but I’m sure there’s more to this place than just that.. Being mom to a toddler and spending my maximum living hours as a home maker are two pretty incredible things to do. Its like having a job with no off hours!

Lets hope this blog does justice to the beauty and awesomeness in this country.  Also, lets hope that Kuwait gives me something more vital than a deficiency in Vitamin D!

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