The Finger less Gloves


Since I have no doubts about the fact that I am not literate enough, in the art of knitting, I gave myself the easy task of knitting my friend a pair of these finger less gloves. Lemme tell you, SHE LOVED THEM! I am supremely happy that THAT was her response because it made me feel a gazillion times more educated, than I was before i started knitting them!

My 1st fingerless gloves

I surprised her at work and she put them on with utter care and love. She was also kind enough to model with them for me!

A different pose..

I have what is called the beginners luck because they did turn out well. I also ended up getting a custom order, from some one who saw her wearing the gloves, which was even better! I made an exact replica of whats in the picture above!

Luckily for them, I cannot make an EXACT copy anymore because I ran out of the green buttons you see on them. However, the same color can probably be achieved, if the same yarn is available in the market.

All in all it was an extremely fruitful project! *Self High Five*

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