Sweater Trial 1

Hey all!

I tried to knit a sweater! Not for me but for my son and it ended up looking like a sweater but less like a sweater that would fit him. It was a bit small and it was tricky since most of the you tube videos would tell me to purchase a pattern and then knit with it. I didn’t want to spend on a pattern I wouldn’t know how to read, so I tried to make it on my own. I used whatever sewing knowledge I could apply, and finished it. However, now I have a better idea and the remake would probably turn out better, InshaAllah.

A bit too small

My son was kind enough to let me try it on him [even though I had to force his head into the tiny neckline of the sweater]. As you can see, it lands somewhere around his tummy. It wasn’t tight and since I used a larger sized needle, there was a lot of stretch to it.

Ah well… Now all I have to do is figure out how I can undo the thing and remake it. Good luck to me! *thumbs up*



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