I am NOT a knitter

Hey everybody!

I am not a knitter. The same way that I am not a seamstress. I just LOVE learning to do new things and knitting happens to be on my agenda as of now. I was on a sewing and quilting binge the past few months and I even went out looking for a dress form. You can read about my search HERE. I did manage to find a dress form in Kuwait, but I keep forgetting to write a post about it. I ended up making a bunch of dresses for myself and I made a dozen Quilts as well.

So…I cannot sit still, I absolutely CANNOT understand laziness on a daily basis, like I cannot understand mundane schedules EVERY . SINGLE. DAY. Like today, on a Friday, when my husband suggested a siesta, I gave him a look which – lets just say made me look a LOT less appealing than I do normally. I also didn’t forget to RE remind him, that the second my “free time” starts [rare evenings, when I don’t have the husband and son responsibility], my brain goes into HYPER DRIVE mode. Like I start seeing things I had been ignoring the whole week! A hypothetical LONG list of things to do, just rolls open, like a neatly written scroll, right next to my face and it keeps gnawing at my senses until I have accomplished all the chores on that list, to the last item and then another hidden section of the list opens up causing an ugly seizure, which fortunately no one is around to witness.

The point is, I like doing stuff. Anything as long as it gives me a sense of accomplishment and doesn’t make me feel like a loser who wasted time the whole day. I call it my MOVE syndrome..the moment I try to steal a break, I hear a harsh “MOVE !!!” in my head.

Keeping my severe condition in mind, I treated myself to a whole bunch of yarns and now I’m on knitting binge! I have made a couple of items, that don’t look as gorgeous, but they are passable for a new knitter. Here’s my yarn collection !!


There are many more underneath that pile but I will keep taking pictures as and when i use them for a new project. I have yarns from different places and they are all gorgeous! I am super excited about getting to use them!


By far my most favorite one is chunky yarn. Its soft and so gorgeous, no matter what I knit. Plus, its quick and that’s perfect for some one who’s never knit before!

Multi colored

I love the effect multi colored yarn gives to the knits. It just makes it seem like I’ve put in a lot of effort into the work, but its all in the yarn..Its not quiet as chunky but its beautiful on its own.

the blooms

By far, the most intelligent design! I love the fact that once this project finishes, it’ll look like actual flowers are growing from your knits!

I also ended up buying these circular needles, which I have no idea how to use, but wish to learn ..

Circular Needles

If anyone out there knows anything about these, please holler!





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