Golden Wok- Chinese Restaurant!

Hey awesome people!

I’m pretty sure, most of us, have faced those days (cravings) for Chinese food, many times in our lives. It happens to the best of us. We follow a strict diet, but then, that moment happens, when you just- want- to- have -those delicious noodles and … get the drift 😉


Well, when I have those sudden attacks, I turn to the trusty old, Golden Wok! First off, its close to where I live, so YEYYYY!!! Second, its one the few good and affordable Chinese restaurants, in Kuwait and thirdly, they’re good!


Yummy Momos

The most important dish for me, has to be the chicken Dumplings or Momos! When I found out, that what I’d been looking for,ever since I moved to this country, was so close to where I lived…I immediately went ahead and tried them! *thumbs up*  I am an absolute fan, of Tibetan cuisine and these are delicious. Plus, I’ve had them so many times, at their restaurant, that they now see my face and start preparing them, before I place my order 😀


Fish Steak 

My Son, has moved on from his chicken love, into the fish arena and loved their fish steak! I was pleasantly surprised because it was his first fish adventure! Needless to say, the fish was well cooked, not over done at all, beautifully seasoned and lip smacking delicious!! That platter, has loads of steamed veggies at the bottom.If you like fish, then this one is worth a try. Just make sure, the fish you order, is what is available, in that particular season.


Vegetable Noodles

No Chinese dinner, for me, would be complete, without some noodles. I usually go for the veggie ones because we usually order many non-vegetarian items. Delicious!! Anyone hungry yet??


Chili Chicken

Why not?? Its awesome because they can make it as spicy as you want and its quiet flavorful. However, this time it was a bit sweet for my liking. I’d probably make note of that and remind them, the next time I visit.


Vegetable Manchurian

Oh MY GOD!! Why haven’t I ever ordered this thing before?? It was absolutely stunning!! I think its the Dry vegetable Manchurian dish and LOOK how gorgeous!! A must try *thumbs up*

You guys…I’m not a food critic and I’m not claiming that Whatever they serve, will be to your liking. BUT, the most important part, about any restaurant, is how consistent they are! These guys, know exactly what they’re doing! Its a small restaurant and has a well functioning kitchen. Inside that kitchen is a Chef, who knows what he’s doing and what it takes to keep this place going!!

I’m thoroughly impressed, with their food and customer service. Its a four table capacity restaurant, but they do home deliveries so… YEYYYY!! If, you’re ever in the area, please do give them a try. They’re a modest establishment, with a promising future 🙂

You can check their menu here.

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post. Golden Wok, has not paid me, to write this review. Everything mentioned here, is based on my personal opinion.




Crazy Quilt Mania Begins!! ;)

Hey All!!

Its OCTOBER!! Yeyyy!! I have always loved this month!! Not just because its my birthday month (*silent clapping*), BUT also because its just soooo beautiful this time of the year! Its like, everything starts falling into place. The air changes and so does the feel …. you get the picture 🙂

For me, this is also a sign, that I need to get into my busy bee mode and finish all the projects, I’d hoped to complete this year! Not just sewing, but anything and everything, that I have been delaying- for no good reason 😛

Crazy quilting is something I absolutely adore!!!!! I’m a self taught quilter and crazy quilting was the way I started my quilting adventure. Infact, I didn’t even know I was “Crazy Quilting”, until much later.

This here, is one of the very first pieces I made.. Its nothing extravagant, but it sure took a lot of work 🙂

DSC_0772 It soothes me 🙂 Reminds me of a -very VERY long time ago- day, when I was playing with my toys and my grandmother sat nearby, sewing away… … The patterns remind me of my sweet mommy, who would come check my size, for a pretty frock she’d be making for me, while I sat oblivious to the joys of sewing.

When I tell my mom, that I made a quilt or I sewed a dress, she laughs it off, simply because its impossible, for her to believe, I can do that. “You don’t know how to sew!!”- is what she says. Thanks to whats app, she has seen, most of my creations and is still amazed, that I’m the one behind, some such babies 🙂 Including the one giant quilt, I gifted her this year, for her birthday!

Well…. I guess somethings don’t need any training…. you just pick them up… in the winds of October 😉

September Empties!!!

Hey all!

September has come to an end. I thought long and hard, about what I should post about next and came up with this post.

I love reading about and watching, people talk about regular (or high end products), that have worked for them. So, maybe some one would enjoy my September empty products too!

They are not very many, so this will be a quick round up 🙂

DSC_0770First up, is my all time favorite, Nivea Soft Cream! I have used this cream for many, Many years and find myself, going back to it, over and over again. I believe in the simple formula- If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it! The best part about this, is that it is quiet affordable and not as expensive, as some of the other creams out there. It works wonders for my dry skin and I have used tons, of this stuff. Plus, now that winters are fast approaching, this baby, will always be with me.

Next up, is the Avene Thermal Spring Water.

DSC_0771I had mentioned this stuff in my Boots Haul post. It was the first time I made this purchase and that happened because I got two, for the price of one and also because I was intrigued 😛 Well that happens, to the best of us (don’t judge)! I wrote about, the multiple uses of this thing and even though, I feel like, its good value for money- I don’t think I will be adding it to my essentials list just yet. I mean, I use it on my face, some time in the day, to feel refreshed- especially after running many chores. Or sometimes, just before putting on makeup. That’s just because I have it, but its not a necessity just yet.

DSC_0767The Body Shop Vitamin E intense moisture cream, is also one of my favorites. I don’t use it regularly, but just when I feel, my skin needs some extra moisture, I pull this one out. You know, damage repair. Its costly no doubt, but its worth the purchase 🙂 I have used it, paired with the Vitamin E night cream and they do work really well!

DSC_0769The Body Shop Vitamin E, Overnight Serum in Oil….. this my dear people, is the boss, of all things moisturizing! I am in L.O.V.E. with this!!! I use it before bed, almost everyday and I can see the change the next morning. Whatever this thing does, is awesome and you should definitely try it! Can’t wait to go back and get a new one!!

The last product on this list is

DSC_0758Why NOT!?! My previous post, was all about this guy. Why?? Because this baby is awesome! I have already used this one up and the second one is almost half way through. If you want to learn more about it, check out my last post!

Lemme know guys…have any of you used these products? Do they work for you as well? They’re not very high end I know 🙂 But sometimes, simple things make ALL the difference!


The Body Shop Camomile Cleansing Balm-Review!

Hello there everyone!

How are you lovely people feeling today?? I am feeling pretty excited because I’m going to venture into product reviewing, for the first time! I have written a little bit about certain things/products in the past, but I’ve never dedicated an entire post to it.

Anywhoo, lets get right into it! Now…The Body Shop Camomile Cleansing Balm, has won me over! I love using it and have used it many MANY times, in the past one month.

DSC_0758 If truth be told, I’ve wanted to get my hands on this baby, ever since I heard Lisa Eldridge mention it, in one of her videos. I don’t usually go for skincare products applauded by many you tubers, but she happens to be well known in this department and knows what she’s talking about. So I tried, many times, to buy this cleansing balm, but it was always either unavailable or out of stock.

After I found this, on the- Buy 2 Get 1 Free- offer aisle, at The Body Shop (Gate Mall), I absolutely had to pick it up! I have dry skin…and by dry skin, I do not mean the regular kind, where you apply moisturizers and its settled. NO!  By dry skin, I mean as dry as the Kuwaiti desert! So cleansing balms, are the things I usually go for, as opposed to cleansing mist, water, etc. you get the idea?

DSC_0760 The Balm, has a coconut oil type consistency. It looks, feels and melts exactly, like coconut oil would. The only difference is that this guy can be washed off with water, without leaving any greasiness behind!  The coolest part however, is that its a very good cleanser and takes off any makeup, right off! Gentle massage and its done! The good thing is that you can use it on a regular basis and give your skin some well deserved pampering 🙂

I hate applying weird smelling products on my face, so the relaxing scent is a plus for me *thumbs up* 😀

DSC_0762 However, if you’re allergic to any of the ingredients, please avoid using it. Also, I cannot tell if this would work for oily skin as well, but since it washes off easily, that shouldn’t be a problem.

I have not had any allergic reactions to it, in the past month and I am really happy with the product.

Final Verdict: I am Happy with this purchase and my skin feels refreshed and moisturized at the same time. I will definitely be repurchasing this Cleansing Balm 🙂

Have any of you used this product? Let me know how it worked for you 🙂

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post. The Body Shop, has not paid me, to write this review. Everything mentioned here, is based on my personal opinion.

The Body Shop Haul! Kuwait..

Hey everybody!

This post has been in the making (by which I mean, on hold) for a while now! I remember posting a picture on my Instagram feed and then completely forgetting that I had to write this one up!

PhotoGrid_1441214291136 Well, recently, after my 10 KD Make up experience, I have started looking at the Body Shop differently. I always used to go there for their range of body butters, shower gels and perfumes; but I have recently discovered some new products that I am planning on using again.

Anyway, these are the things I bought:

DSC_0744 Green Tea Exfoliating Soap, Camomile Cleansing Butter, Vitamin E Night Cream, Solid Oils Lip Balm and Argan Oil Massage Soap.

DSC_0746I have used the Vitamin E Day and Night Cream in the past and since I was getting them for free, after having made the rest of the purchase, I picked two! They had a Buy 2 Get 1 scheme going on and I got pretty good deals on some of the stuff.

DSC_0748 This Lip Balm was also among the freebie baskets, so yeyyy!!! I have never used this before. The only lip products that I have used from the Body Shop, are their Lipsticks and Lip Tint. I am really looking forward to using this lip balm, but since I am already in Love with my boots one (which I mentioned in my Boots Haul post), I see no reason to start with this just yet.

DSC_0750 Next up, is this Cleansing Balm which I had heard of, a couple times and had been looking for, for ages! But for some reason, every time I went to the store, they would tell me it was out of stock. I was very happy to have found this because there were only five left. I ended up picking 2 because….why not! I have had the opportunity to use this a LOT  recently and I’m satisfied with the product.

DSC_0752 The Exfoliating Soap and the Argan Oil Massage soap are both new to me and I have not used them yet. I will definitely post a review once I know how they are.

Have you used any of the products mentioned here? I would love to know how its worked out for you 🙂


Kids Craft Kuwait !

Hey everyone!

This past week, I decided, that I would get my son some play stuff, from Kids Craft Kuwait.

Now, before I even begin to tell you, why I’m SO GLAD that I did, I’d like to mention that they are worth the try and I highly recommend trying their stuff out.


I am an absolute fan of home made play dough’s and playthings that are made with organic/edible items. So when I saw that, that’s exactly what Kids Craft Kuwait were offering, I immediately placed my order!

I was very excited to see their play dough, corn and cloud sand. Its something that I have been meaning to do for my son, for a long time, but time constraints always limit the amount of work I can manage sometimes. So when I decided to give myself a break and let Kids Craft Kuwait handle this, I made a good decision!


Military Themed Cloud Dough Box

The lovely Emina, set up this cute little military themed cloud dough box for me and my son loved it! He spent an hour playing with this. I was a happy mom 😀


Colored Corn Sensory Box

This colored corn sensory box was a HUGE hit! My son has enjoyed this the most out of these two boxes that I ordered. I customized both the boxes to my liking and I was very satisfied with how they turned out!


Emina also added a complementary box of play dough to our order!

All in all, this shopping experience was amazing 🙂 If you have kids and you’re living in Kuwait, you have got to try these guys. I’m already planning on trying some of the other stuff they have.

Check out their instagram here – kidscraftkuwait

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post. I have not earned any benefit, monetary or otherwise from Kids Craft Kuwait. All opinions mentioned here are based on my personal experience.


The new Shades post!

Heylo there everyone!

Its been a while since I last posted, but all of us have those days when we feel we don’t even have time to breathe! Well the last few weeks, were super crazy for me and I couldn’t find time to sit and post a word!

Anywhoo, I’m back and am dedicating this post to the sustainabledaisy ! Simply because she’s SO gorgeous AND I went ahead and purchased these snazzy pair of shades, when I saw her rocking them in the aforementioned post!!


They are not the usual kinds I’d go for, but they are beautiful! I think you can rock them with any kind of dress, that’s how versatile they are.

If you’ve been following me on Instagram, you probably know I’ve been shopping recently and this is just one of the treasures I picked up. I got lucky and found these shades at Aldo, for a good discounted price! Here’s the other one I picked up:


Grab some cash and go pick these up from wherever you can find them 🙂 I’m in love!




MakeUp Challenge! 10 KD!!

Hey everybody!

I don’t know about you, but You Tube is my new google. So, a couple weeks ago, I came across a bunch of videos by the name “20 $ Makeup Challenge” and it caught my attention immediately!

As most of you may know by now, I live in Kuwait and the currency used here is Kuwaiti Dinars. On converting 20 US Dollars into Dinars, the amount I got was 6.05 KD. Now, 6 dinars will probably, not get me the same value for money [in terms of makeup] as $20 would, in the US. So, I decided, to give myself a little more room for bargain and increased the amount to 10 KD.

Now don’t get me wrong, there are some places in Kuwait, where you can buy makeup within 6 KD, but that is when you go for very cheap makeup, which may or may not be good for the skin. I wanted to make sure that I get to pick brands, which had some validity and background. Someone that I could sue, in case it gave me an irreparable skin disease 😛

So, the challenge was to find makeup that completes a basic makeup routine. Which means you should be able to cover – Eyes, Lips and Face. I tried to look into, as many brands as I could find in drugstores and the makeup aisles in malls but for some reason, I couldn’t buy everything in one brand. First I was aiming at the brands I’m familiar with- Bourjois, Maybelline, NYX, Mac, etc. but then I decided that I might as well, use this opportunity to try out something new.

The first stop was Body Shop. Now, I have used some of body shop lip products but I never really looked into their makeup until now. The first thing I picked up was this:


I left the reduced tag on so you could see that it was on offer and cost me 3 dinars. I don’t know why, I’ve been bothering with all the other foundations and such, when I could’ve gone to body shop and picked one of these! Lemme tell you guys, this thing is fabulous! It has just the right amount of coverage and their ‘flawless’ claim, holds true! The first time I applied it, it reminded me of the subtle coverage that my MAC mineralize foundation gives me. Its light and gives a very natural finish. The Tea Tree oil smell is however, quiet prominent when you apply it, but it fades off.

The brand that I later, came across was Misslyn. Its a German brand and I had never used it. You can read about them here. The rest of the things I picked up were from this brand, simply because they fit my challenge criteria and if I did buy some other brand, I would’ve crossed the 10kd limit.



Lets start with the eye shadow palette. I picked their Party palette because it had both matt and shimmer colors. So you can use it for day and for later in the evening.This cost me 3 kd.





Next up is the blush. I picked their Pink Cloud blush and the color looks exactly like my Bourjois Rose! The Bourjois blush is much softer in texture, but the color output from both is the same. Its not very heavily pigmented, so it can be built up, depending on how intense you want it. This cost me 2 kd.

Moving on to the next item:



This thing here cost me 1.250 kd. Its in the color 38 and its a beautiful red, which can be lightly patted on with the fingers to look pink or used to create a strong red lip! *thumbs up* score!



The last item is this, which cost me absolutely nothing! I caught the brand on a promotion, of buy 2 get 1 free. I think this was the best thing ever because I got something useful and without having to spend more than I had wanted to! If however, I were to pay for this, it would’ve cost me 1.500 Kd, which was still within my budget so yeyyyy! By the way, the texture of this similar to the Revlon color stay Concealer. The revlon is much thicker and this one is a little light.

So here you have it! A 10 KD challenge, that was well met I guess 🙂 Hope you guys enjoyed this post and I encourage anyone out there [who wishes to] to take up this challenge! Don’t forget to link me in your post, if you do! I’m really looking forward to what others might find in their 10dinars!

Tons of love!

Affordable Makeup Haul!

Hey all!

During my hunt to find affordable and good quality makeup, I have looked into, some of the drugstore makeup brands and makeup brands local to Kuwait. I ended up purchasing, a few items I have not used before. I’m also aware that, some of these items, are not available everywhere. The brands I purchased were: Isa Dora, Flormar and Inglot. I have used Inglot before but the other two are new to me. Also, I’m not going to review these products in this post because I want to use them, for another week, before I pass a verdict on their quality and use.

Isa Dora is a Swedish beauty brand and it seems to be popular for its affordability. Its available at some Boots stores, here in Kuwait. They claim that their products are safe for use by people with sensitive skin! So yeyy for that! You can check their website here.


Isa Dora

I picked up the Isa Dora Pro Tect Face primer, Lift & Cover Firming Anti Wrinkle Foundation and their Face Sculpt in Nude. The rest of the stuff, a mascara, lip gloss and nail polish were free gifts! So I get to try out most of their products! Yeyy! DSC_0474As you can tell its got a Bronzer, Blusher And Highlight. I picked it up immediately because currently, I have a Too Faced- Natural Face, Natural Radiance Face Palette and I absolutely love it!  So I wanted to see if this would come anywhere close to that. I’m not trying to compare the two because the too faced palette has a cream blush, luminizer and concealer as well. I just want to see if I can create the same effect with this one. DSC_0475The face primer comes in a tinted shade as well and on retrospect it seems, that it would have made more sense, if I’d picked that up instead, but I really wanted to try their foundation as well.

Moving on…Flormar Cosmetics, started up in Italy but have been based In Turkey for the past 40 yeas or so. They used to make nail polishes, but later ventured into all makeup. You can read about them here.



I picked up their Perfect Coverage Foundation, Full Coverage Concealer, Illuminating Primer and High Performance Volume Mascara. I had also wanted to pick up their blush.. and bronzer.. but I just couldn’t choose between all the gorgeous colors!! They were beautiful and I wanted to buy almost all of them! As for the bronzer…I cant even… it was the size of a CD! Like really, it was HUGE! In the end, I settled for the above and made a mental note, to return when I was satisfied the products were worth the spend.

AND if you have not noticed in the picture above, that IS a Rotating Mascara! Yes, I KNOW !! Anyone remember the Lancome Oscillation Mascara and the Estee Lauder Turbo Lash Mascara?? Well my friends, Flormars got you covered:

DSC_0481I dunno, if I’m supposed to mention it here, but psssst…its amazingggg !!!! Sorry guys, but I couldn’t hold off, until the review blog because I’m in love with this thing!!! If only we knew…

Next up is Inglot..Read about them here. Among the three, Inglot seems to be the most popular. They are all over the world and they also have the “freedom system” which I adore. You start with a one time purchase of their palette, and then you can get refills, for lesser price later super cool…*thumbs up*

DSC_0483As you can tell, that is the carry bag and those two are just lip colors. I did not buy a palette simply because I wanted to try them out first! I have used Inglots liquid blush and its so delicious, nevertheless, one must test make up products before investing full on.

DSC_0486All the above makeup brands, are quiet affordable and range along the lines of any other drugstore brands. If anyone out there, doesn’t want to invest, in very expensive makeup, then you should definitely give these a try. I know, its a little scary, to try new brands, that you’ve never heard of, but you can always read about them online. The world is your google my friend! 🙂

Disclaimer: All the above brands, were purchased, by me personally and I do not represent any of the above mentioned brands. This is not a sponsored post.

Kuwait Books!

Hello there everybody!

Has anyone seen my baton? The one that reads – Kuwait has no good bookstores AND that I dislike the place because I never find the books I’m looking for and I am tired of ordering them online?? Well, I think I lost it, somewhere in the book laden shelves of Kuwait Books, last night!

If you’re like me and books are your oxygen, I suggest you get up off your chairs, stop reading this blog and find your way to them. It doesn’t look like much, when you reach the spot the GPS takes you to, you will be faced with a dilemma:


The entryway to the bookstore

We almost didn’t enter the premises. Firstly, because it was very dark. There are no signs on the road, that lead you in this direction and you might get suspicious, of the GPS lady for a bit, at this point. Secondly, I was certain that Zombies were waiting for us in there! But you guys be brave and walk in because once you do, this is what you will get to:       DSC_0306 The reading angels will welcome you and you will get lost in here…

DSC_0297 Trust me guys, these people have it all. They had most of what I had been looking for, for a long time! I was so impressed with their collection and they even had these:


john Grisham

I had been looking for these for ages and I found them here!! I have the novel sized ones, but these are the real deal for me. You see, I have a whole library situation going on in the house and I have as many books as I have clothes. I am not ashamed to admit that I have a LOT of books. Technology is great and everything but I find solace in reading. I was especially intrigued when I saw this shelf:


The guitar

That guitar right there, is the long lost brother of my guitar! I wanted to get my guitar and place it right next to that guy sitting on top of the shelf. But then I got carried away and found this:

DSC_0310 And this:

DSC_0299The bookstore has its own charm you guys. There’s so much to explore, these pictures can never do justice to the collection they have there. As if it weren’t enough, that they had some of the very rare books I have seen, they’ve made the place very cozy and inviting for those who wish to sit and read. PLUS, if you return the books you purchased from them, they give you store credit! Wooohoo!!

DSC_0315It was only two days ago, that my ignorance about the bookstore, came to a sudden end, when a friend told me they had reopened in a new place. We were in the area and my husband suggested we check it out. I was more than happy and it was a good decision! You wont be returning empty handed from here, I guarantee you.

We’ve been going around Kuwait, looking for children’s books and let me tell you, it has been a struggle. You do get books in Kuwait, don’t get me wrong, but they are either WAYY overpriced or are in Arabic. We found a good collection of books for children here [at Q8 Books] and I let my son pick what he wanted. They have a good variety and they even had some books by local authors! I was happy to see those because I had not seen, some of them, elsewhere.


Books for children

DSC_0301Our trip to the bookstore wasn’t planned and we drove there on instinct. Nevertheless, it was a satisfying experience and we will definitely be returning, very soon!  Honestly, I almost didn’t want to write this post because I wanted to keep the bookstore a secret 😛

So any John Grisham fans reading this, please don’t go pick those books. I ran out of cash last night, but I intend to go back and get them!

For more information on the bookstore you can visit their website:

You can  also follow them on Instagram: @q8bookstore