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Hop, Skip And Jump!

Hello There!! Lovely people of the internet world!

I’m so glad to be back! I took a short break from my virtual life, to spend some quality time in the actual, real life that I live in :p I’m glad I did! There’s nothing more gratifying, than spending time, in the company of loved ones and doing , whatever gives you pleasure and peace of mind ๐Ÿ™‚

However, I had been working on Hop, Skip and Jump, before I took my break. So, now that I’m back, I’ll quickly jump into it!

As most of you may know, apart from being a writer and an avid crafter, I’m also a mom to an amazing toddler, who keeps my life full and extremely interesting! For that reason, I’ve been asked tons of times, by my working and non working friends (new mommies) what I do to fill up my time, staying at home and “not working”.

First of all, being a Mother= working unlimited hours of time + overtime + after hours + whatever else is left in between.

Now that we have that cleared, lets move on. ๐Ÿ˜‰

I became a mother at a young age and I cannot stress enough, how important it is, (if you want to maintain your sanity) to stop telling yourself that your life will be over, after you have a child! In this day and age, we’re brought up to be independent, in order to survive the rush, we call life and work our hearts out, in order to fill up our bank accounts. It may seem like your life has come to a standstill, just because you don’t have an office going job. BUT, unfortunately that is just because we’re conditioned to believe, that is what will happen. NO, its not a propaganda or a plan against our generation. It comes naturally, when you’re used to being on your feet and earning a livelihood.

Obviously, I have to mention, that its only the women who face this dilemma. Since, we all know, that men are rather unfortunate, for they will never know the joys of being a mother! Yeyyyyy!! *self high five*

As far as wondering, if you’re doing enough, to help your child grow to his/her potential, don’t worry about it! It happens to the best of us. Just make sure to take a breather, every now and then and you’ll be just fine ๐Ÿ™‚

Hop, Skip and Jump, is going to be, a new series of posts, which will include tips and ideas on holistic child development, learning and interaction, along with spending quality time with your munchkins.

I hope that these will help you gain confidence as a mom and that it will make spending time with your precious loves, that much more gratifying!




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Final post of gratitude..

My last and Final post of gratitude, for this year goes to My Husband, My Son and all the other wonderful people, who encouraged me and pushed me, to put my best foot forward ๐Ÿ™‚ If it wasn’t for you, I would never be, where I am, today. Thank you!!


I was able to achieve many goals this year and I couldn’t be happier!!

I finally launched Zephyr, which was something I had been working on, for a long LONG time!


You can check it out on instagram here @zephyrkwt

I’m really pumped up, for the upcoming year and cannot wait to get started on some of the most awaited projects, in forever!!

Thank you, to all the wonderful people of the internet, who follow my blog and make it worth the effort. Manyย of you are so talented, that I cannot even imagine being as good as you are!! I wish everybody the best of luck, for the upcoming year and hope that you are blessed with love, luck and happiness FOREVER!!!

See you in 2016 everybody!!!!!

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To Bored Games..

DSC_0976My next post of gratitude is dedicated to the lovely ladies, who have filled the boredom in my life, with laughter, compassion, understanding and games!

DSC_0796Just like these Ninjas, on a mission, every week these ladies, drive through the mind frying traffic of Kuwait and reach the destination, where all the craziness ensues. The Board Games night, comes as pure deliverance, from the rigmarole that isย life, that fences in, the entire planet!

DSC_0983To all you lovely, beautiful, extraordinary ladies – M, B, E, A, W, P, R – Thank you, for making my life that much better! DSC_0792ย I am stunned, that women from so many different parts of the world, have so much in common! It only goes to show that compassion, friendship and understanding, see no boundaries.. Plus, all these women getting along so well ??!?! What is up with THAT?? ย ๐Ÿ˜‰

DSC_1025I’m looking forward, to seeing you all, after the holidays and vacations are done!! Can’t wait to exudeย havoc (in a public place) and embarrass, the crap out of everyone, but ourselves!

๐Ÿ˜‰ Shamelessly *thumbs up*



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Posts of Gratitude!




Hey everyone!

The year 2015, is coming to an end. Its been an incredible year and I am grateful for so many things, that took place, this past year ๐Ÿ™‚

With only a few days left until we start using 2016, as the year we live in :p I’m going to dedicate the next couple of posts, to the people in my life, that have made life so much better for me ๐Ÿ™‚

Even though, this past year, has not had a smooth run, I’m still really thankful, for the things that worked out and the things that didn’t. Everything has given me a new perspective, on life and experiences worth a lifetime!

I have tons of new ideas for the blog and cannot wait, to start on the new projects I have in mind!!

In no particular order or priority, I will be thanking SO MANY OF YOU, who have been a part of my life and have made it memorable ๐Ÿ™‚

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The Body Shop Haul- Winter Edition.

Hello there! Lovely people of the internet !!

Of all the seasons, that we have, in this world, Winter is my most favorite! Its chilly and makes you wanna get cozy.. Sip a few cups, of hot chocolate with your loved ones and watch movies.. you know, all the good stuff!

But for those of us, with extremely dry skin, winter also brings along a flashing “skin alert” sign! The cool temperatures, although amusing, are very harsh for us dry skinners….

So, I decided to go full on Body Shop this year. I did a Body Shop Haul, in aย previous postย and also did a review on their Camomile cleansing oil, Here. I was really happy with the purchase and decided, to go take a look at their winter collection.ย DSC_1002As most of you may be aware, that their body butters have always been popular for their richness and moisturizing capabilities, I obviously had to pick up, their winter collection body butters. I went for this box, with medium sized butters simply because I wanted to try all of them. I did use testers but I wasn’t sure (obviously greedy) what I wanted to pick up. This was more cost effective though.

Its also, needless to say, that the money I saved, after buying smaller butters, was spent on other goodies ๐Ÿ˜‰ which I will be sharing very soon.DSC_1005All three of them, have no name except for being called the Body Butter. Just realized that. That’s weird, given they always have a fruit or food, to back up the scent and colors they use…

Well moving on, I gave them names, depending on the fruit printed on the lids :p yeah.. I’m THAT smart..DSC_1010The plum butter, has a really fruity yet pleasant aroma. Its not very strong, but I would call it moderate, for the sake of comparison between the three.DSC_1012The Green Apple has a subtle, fresh green fragrance. Its definitely new to me and I quiet like it. If you don’t like, moisturizers with very strong aromas, then this would be perfect for you.DSC_1013The Pomegranate, has the strongest aroma of all the three. Its flowery, feminine and a perfect gift for somebody who LOVES smelling of flowers and walking around giving people headaches, from the sheer strength, of the fragrance of their moisturizers! ๐Ÿ˜‰ ย It kinda’ reminds me of the body shops Cherry Blossom line, super strong and flowery and sweet smelling. Go for these two, if you like that.

Of course, all of them have the same formula and are quiet moisturizing, without being overly thick and greasy. That’s the perfect combination in my opinion.

The next item I picked up was this giant. Hawaiian Kukui Cream. When I saw this I knew I wanted it, even before I tried it, just look how delectable!DSC_1015It worked in my favor, that this body cream, has a beautiful fragrance and slight mousse like texture, which is surprisingly, quiet moisturizing! I have used a lot of “mousse” body and face products and they are quiet disappointing. But this guy right here, was a catch. I really love it and I would probably re-purchase it. Its got a light, woody, relaxing aroma, without being too overpowering and I LOVE that!

After having filled my body butter supplies, I had to pick something for face care and these are what I went for..DSC_1016The Vitamin E line because why not! I love this line from The Body Shop. Its perfect for dry skin and quiet effective. The eye cube, was my free addition to Buy 2 get 1 free deal. I’ve only just been using it a couple days and I don’t see any drastic changes yet. However, I cannot give a review, without having used it for a while.

The Moisture Serum and Face mist are one of my all time favorite things to pick from there.

All in all, I had a good shopping experience and am totally satisfied with the purchases I made. Let me know if anyone of you, out there, is using the same products. I would love to know, hows its turned out for you!

Happy winters!

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post. The Body Shop, has not paid me,ย toย write this review. Everything mentioned here, is based on my personal opinion.



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KTAA Fall Bazaar!!

Hello there everyone!!!

I am really happy and excited about the KTAA Fall Bazaar that’s happening tomorrow!! I have been looking forward to being a part of it since last year and finally the day is here!!!


In retrospect, I probably should have posted about it much earlier, but I was soo occupied getting everything ready, it completely slipped my mind.

Anywhoo, I wish all of you could come and see the talented artists we have here in Kuwait ๐Ÿ™‚

I’m just setting everything up for tomorrow morning..its a BIG Day !!!


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Chat over Coffee :)

Hello everybody!

Lets chat!

I have been super occupied with a TON of things and have missed this, terribly!!! So, today, I thought, I’d sit down and have a cup of un-rushed coffee and chat with you!!


I decided to use my crappy laptop camera for this image, simply because its a slow day for me today….. The coffee came out , looking like tea! Which means, I love all you guys who love tea ๐Ÿ˜‰

SO! I have been working on a couple of projects recently and have been loving, every bit, of this busy schedule, I’ve had for the past month or so! Among the many things, I’m looking forward to, is the KTAA (Kuwait Textile Arts Association) Fall Bazaar!

That’s because I’m participating as a vendor this year!!! YEEYYYY!!! I am super exited about being a part of it this year because I really wanted to be a vendor last year but had to step back, due to travelling and ill health ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

BUT YEYYYYYY!!!! *clap*jump*clapclap*ย I had completely forgotten about their Fall Bazaar and only very recently, decided I’d signup for the vendorship ๐Ÿ˜›

So I have been trying to make stuff – knit, crochet, sew, quilt- so I have something to show for the Bazaar. I am happy with how things turned out, especially because I was struggling to complete some of the knitting projects, for a while and I got “RE-introduced”, to crocheting! Which by the way, is a topic for another day. Just know, that I learnt crocheting, very early on, as a kid and had a complete memory loss about it in my adult years!! Its weird really, but it happens me!

Well, when I realized, that I was much quicker crocheting, I ripped up a couple knit projects and re did them, in crochet. I was very proud of myself, its amazing how much the brain can remember. Slowly but surely, I’m working on newer crochet techniques and getting better. *thumbs up*

I have been more active on Instagram lately, just for the ease of access really. I used to hate using Instagram, but I have turned a new leaf. Facebook on the other hand, has been ignored a good couple years. I have no clue what my account looks like and have no interest whatsoever! Although, I do have a feeling I might have to fall back in love with it…. missing out on all the funny videos ๐Ÿ˜›

I have some really exciting news for you guys! I have been working on this, for almost two years and I think I will take a leap of faith and jump right into this one! Its definitely a new one for me, no bake shop this time around, I have other plans for that baby. I have decided, to take a plunge into the well of creativity and I’m really looking forward to when I can finally share it on here!

Just know, there’s some stuff getting ready, lots of shipping ….oh and did I mention prettiness???

Enough said!!!!

Loved this chat!! What have you been up to???



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Easy Knit Baby Blanket!


Hey all!!

I know I have been absent, from this lovely blogging community..A LOT recently.. but I promise..lots of good is happening ๐Ÿ™‚

I wanted to catch up on some of the stuff, I really want to log on here and this is one of them!

I didn’t think, of watching, a you tube video for this project. I just picked up my yarn and knitting needles and got down to work!

I am pretty happy with the outcome and so is my son, who picked the colors and watched me work on this blanket. All I did was knit different colored yarns, from top to bottom..using the knit stitch! Its the most basic and the easiest of all stitches, but look how prettyyyyy


The best part about this project?? There are no measurements!!! Just eyeball the size you want and go at it!! I just made the blanket, to comfortably cover my son, on all four corners. Made it a bit bigger deliberately, so it can be used for a long time ….. I added the pom poms later, to give the blanket a fun vibe! My dearest boy loves them and so I love them too!! I had tons of leftover yarn, from some other projects I had been working on, so they came in very handy while making the pom poms ๐Ÿ™‚ Nothing was wasted! That makes me happy. ๐Ÿ˜€


I love it, when I can use all of the materials, I’m using in a project and waste nothing. It’s very satisfying to know, that I’m not wasting precious material. Plus, it can make someone really happy :)… just use all the little stuff from here and there and create something new!!

Have any of you been working on any itty bitty projects like this??

Lemme know!


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Unpublished posts!

There are times when I am on a roll. When I can sit and write a blog post every other day and feel, like I can continue like that, through the week/month. However, other days, I just don’t have the time.. I am always occupied with something and don’t even realize how much time has actually passed!

So this post, is dedicated to some of the posts, that I meant to write about, but couldn’t find the time to. I might pick some of them up later and make a post, but for now, Enjoy the pics ๐Ÿ™‚

These gorgeous beauties I picked up on sale somewhere. One in each color because…why not???
Lace fabric bought sometime in the last century
These beautiful quilt blocks from one of the KTAA meetings I attended last year
or this pincushion I saw at the same meeting
This Halloween table runner which was meant to be recreated on one of the KTAA sew days last year
This Halloween Table runner block, I recreated, but forgot to cut the nose
This pretty bird in the Kuwait Pet Market
This cat symbolizing the animal cruelty being practiced in the Kuwait Pet Market
These chicks being dyed all colors regardless of the harm they face..also in the KUwait Pet Market
Mist and Fix that left a 9KD dent in my wallet



Horrible Kuwait Airport Experience!!#%*#

Hey Everybody!

Yesterday, I saw this post on and I was not at all surprised. I had a similar experience, a little over a month ago and I was mortified! In his post, Mark has mentioned, how badly some of the expatriates, were treated, at the Kuwait Airport and how sad it is to see, that things like this happen, in this day and age.

I was travelling with my son and usually, the airport staff (no matter what country you go to) makes the travelling a little bit easier, for mothers or parents travelling with young kids. But that was not the case, at the Kuwait Airport.. I was waiting to clear immigration, when the officer who was checking our passports, started asking me unusual questions. If that was not enough, he involved the officer in the adjacent booth and both of them started talking ABOUT me.

Now, I am not very fluent in Arabic, but I could understand everything they were saying. Both of them kept discussing how I looked and guessing my age. They kept smiling at me and asking me where I lived. PLUS, many things that have nothing to do with national security! Not only that, they asked me questions, which were seriously none of their business. I was mortified even more, when they kept staring at me!!! NOT in a respectful manner, but in the disgusting and disrespectful way, no woman should have to face!! Its terrible to even say that, but that’s exactly what happened and since I was alone, I didn’t know who exactly to approach.

I kept my cool and left from there as soon as they let me go. I was alarmed that in a place like Kuwait, something like this could happen, but it did and its shameful! Its a point of deep decline, even for Kuwait.

I completely agree, that maybe the female officers should be brought back. I’m glad that 248am posted this incident. Hopefully, some one in charge will read it and do the needful.