Shopping at Daiso!

Hey all!

You know, how sometimes, you dream of cute little cottages, surrounded by happy flowers and trees laden with fruits? Well, that is Daiso for me!

I’m guessing everyone out there knows what Daiso is, but for those who don’t, its a Japanese brand. They have stores all over the place and fortunately, they have a couple of stores, here in Kuwait as well! Yeyyy!! 😀

So, every time I go to Daiso [which should be more frequent than it actually is] I end up buying a lot of stuff.

Firstly, because it is so darn cute!!! I mean just look at this hot water bottle!! You’d just wanna cuddle with it and forget all about your pain…


Cutest Hot water bottle EVER!!

Second, its not very expensive, so I pick up things I normally wouldn’t in other stores:


Pillow for back support

PLUS, they have all this cool stuff !! I mean, just check this out:


Plastic bag sealer

The Genius of this stuff!! Who came up with this??? Its battery operated and tiny enough to fit in your little pocket! I am especially excited about this because I was getting really tired of having to put opened cookie bags and chips in jars and such. They take up way too much counter space and if you’re living in Kuwait, you’d know how difficult that is to come by. For those who aren’t aware, the rent in Kuwait is WAY TOO MUCH.. you end up paying more than half of your earnings in rent, for houses the size of peanuts! True story.. :/

On a side note, did you guys know that Kuwait had been voted the worst place for expatriates to live in?? According to a survey, a couple months ago.. I don’t exactly remember where I read it though.. hmm..

Anyway, lets go back to the happy place ! Daiso! So here is some other stuff I bought:


Mini Travel sewing kit


because we ALL have neck aches


A very Japanese Mortar and Pestle


Paper carnation making kit

WHAT???…Well, because we all NEED to make paper carnations!!!


Tiny containers

I needed these, to put homemade lip balms in. Which I gave as gifts for Eid a few days ago. You can see how i added them with the rest of the gifts HERE!


Fluffy Fabric!

I plan to make a fluffy cover for my new hot water bottle, hence this fabric scrap, with the cutest sheep face on it!

I also bought some glass jars to put home made body butters in, but I didn’t take any pics of those. Although, after looking at all this, you can totally believe, that they were super cute!

I hope you enjoyed eyeing all this cuteness.. Go get yourself some Daiso therapy you guys.. 🙂

Totally worth it!


Easy Granola Recipe

Hey all!

I’ve been meaning to post recipes for a while now, but there are so many awesome cooks out there, that i feel extremely under experienced.

Certain recipes are however, built solely over time and experience. That is why, this Granola recipe deserves a mention here. Its super easy and simple. The best part though, is that it can easily be altered, according to ones liking! You can add whatever nuts you prefer. If you don’t want to add the brown sugar, just increase the amount of honey..or maybe not!

Its completely up to you! Trust me and give it a go. It will not disappoint you! Lemme know how it turns out!

Watch me mix up a batch here :


Eid Outfit Ideas

Hey everyone!

Special occasions give us Moms an opportunity to dress up! That’s why they are fun  and relaxing at the same time.

I came up with these two outfit ideas for Eid. They can easily be dressed up or down according to your preference. The best part though is that you can now watch me showing them off here 😀 Enjoy!

I am on YOUTUBE!!!

Hey all!

I have good news!!! I am on Youtube!! Yeyyy!!

Its been in the planning stages for months, but the actual implementation never happened. Recently though, I decided to take that step forward and build on that dream. Super glad I did 😀

I’m having a lot of fun recording videos! Hope you all stop by and enjoy them too!

See you there!


The ‘Long Time No See’ Post 2

Hello there everybody!

Its been a while since I last posted but I’ve been extremely busy. I couldn’t find the time to blog, for a while there, since travelling came on the schedule unannounced!

I am back however, Wishing and Hoping that all you guys out there are having a lovely time.

Ramadan Kareem to all those that are fasting this month. May all your hardships disappear! InshaAllah..

Lets keep in touch from now on shall we 🙂

See you soon!

Buying Yarn In Kuwait..


As you know, I have introduced myself to the fascinating art of knitting recently and I cannot explain how pleased I am with it!

I have been constantly knitting ever since my last post and I haven’t really found the time to blog about whatever I have knit so far. I haven’t had the time to click pictures of what I have made so far but I did however, take pictures at the yarn store the last time I was there.


This is the place where I usually go to pick my yarn, when inspiration strikes. They have a good collection of yarn and a few different choices. Of course, most of it is acrylic but they also have 100% wool and 100% cotton yarns, at very reasonable costs.



Every time I go there I end up picking up extra yarn (which i would need to eventually replenish). Hence, another convenient excuse is ready, for a visit to the yarn store, even before I have a project in mind. I don’t know the name of the store because they don’t have any signs, but I’m guessing this store is an extension to an existing store in the market.

If you have ever been to Souq Safat, you will know what I’m talking about. There are many stores there and some retailers have a separate store dedicated to specialty items.

When I started knitting and found this store, I knew I was in love with all that yarn, the moment I set eyes on it. I have seen many yarn stores back home and know that they have much better varieties and options, but in a place like Kuwait, where choices are extremely limited, finding all this stashed in a tiny corner of Souq Safat was a relief.

So if you’re looking to shop for yarn, you better get it now, before the winters disappear for a long time 😛

Saddle Club or SAD Club???


Saddle Club (17)

Hey Everybody!

Lat weekend we went to the Saddle club, which is located in Ahmadi. It was quite and empty. Since it was a weekend, I was expecting a crowd, or maybe a few odd riders practicing their riding skills. Unfortunately, much like my sad experience at the Kuwait Zoo, the Saddle club was sitting there, offering much more disappointment than the zoo.

This was especially the case because I love Horses and I feel like they are such majestic animals. I didn’t know that a place like Kuwait, with obviously awesome everything, could have a space like this in its vicinity and still have the audacity to call it the Saddle CLUB.

Saddle Club (21)Saddle Club (1)


I do not know the name of this sweet looking creature because there was no body there, at the “club”. When I say nobody, I mean NOBODY. Well, except for the horses.

After having parked the car, inside the premises of the “club”, we made our way towards the paddock, that was situated a little way ahead of the entrance. That is where I met this lovely looking but slightly sluggish horse. Him and his pal, who was also kept in the same paddock, were busy licking at an empty food tray; which was covered in dust and had absolutely no traces of hay; or whatever it is they feed the animals.

A little ahead of the paddock, was the stable, which was empty. We didn’t see any horses in there and there seemed to be some kind of leak in the water line because there were puddles of water all over the floor and even in the cubicles, where the horses are kept individually.

Saddle Club (3)

A little further along the way, we saw this paddock, which was much larger than the one we saw earlier. The picture does not do justice to the plight of the animals because in reality they looked really ill fed and scrawny.

I guess the Saddle “Club” is something like Boarding Stable, where people pay some fee to keep there horses, fed and groomed. Whoever is maintaining this place, is doing a horrible job. I don’t think all the horses are down with some disease but I do feel they can be cared for, way better,than how they’re being treated now.

When we were about to leave the “Club” after 45 mins, of walking around and clicking pictures and feeling sad and obviously waiting for the owner or caretaker to show up, a man showed up at our car and invited us, to join him in his office. We were already too upset about the whole situation, so we took our leave and promised to return later some time.

I’m hoping that the place will have improved on our next visit.

The ‘Long time no see’ post!

Well hello there everyone! I hope that every body, every where, is doing great and EID MUBARAK to everybody!!

Sadly the magical month of Ramadan is over 😦 and I hope and pray that we get to live through this year and see the next Ramadan in the best of health- InshaAllah. Ramadan is awesome ok, people are so cool during this month! They are all nice, calm, patient, generous and all things good. I witnessed people who hate each other, be kind to one another and even helpful; but the day Eid arrived, they were back to drawing new faces at each other and complaining incessantly.. SubhanAllah! Hahahhaha!!

Anyway, I have obviously been very busy this past month and haven’t had time for blogging. BUT tons of stuff has been happening and I am super excited to share it with you guys!



The Kuwait Scientific Center

After the disappointing Zoo visit, my husband directed my attention towards the Kuwait Scientific Center. He promised that I would feel much better once I visited the Scientific Center because it was immaculately maintained.

Considering the amount of money Kuwait has, I was imagining the Scientific Center Aquarium to be something like the Sea World, Australia. The few images I found online, for the Kuwait Aquarium, seemed to resemble the Gold Coast Sea World I had fallen in love with a couple years ago- and almost didn’t leave because of its awesomeness! The Australia Zoo was also one place I will never forget. I’m telling you guys, make sure you visit these two at least once in your life time, its totally going to be worth it!

Anyway, with all the riches the country (Kuwait) has to offer, I have to say that the Scientific Center- Aquarium, was nothing like the Sea World. That aside, I thought that the Scientific Center was well maintained, no doubt and since we only saw two places within the Scientific Center, I will share my experience about those.

So, we went to the Scientific Center and bought tickets to the Aquarium and the Discovery Place (thinking that the discovery place had something to do with animals and habitat or the like). Instead, it was a play area for kids. they had a big sand box inside and some games and activities to keep children busy, while their parents can look around the center.

DSC03136There was a Starbucks in there and some other stalls for popcorn and stuff, for when you get really hungry while looking at all the fossils they have on display.

DSC03123The Aquarium was well maintained. It was neat and organized. They had all sorts of animals- including owls, snakes and big black Beetles in the Scorpion display cage. It was rather unfortunate- for whoever wanted to pass Beetles off as scorpions- that we already knew what scorpions actually look like!

Obviously most of it was filled with various fish and other sea creatures.

Schooling Fish

DSC03132DSC03134They also have IMAX there and I want to watch some of the films they are playing. We are planning a visit this weekend and hoping that the IMAX staff is toddler excitement friendly.

Right next to the scientific center is the Harbor where you can find, neatly perched into the dock, the ship Fateh-El-Khair. It is supposed to be the only surviving ship from Kuwaits pre-oil era. Its a beauty and the wood work on it is gorgeous.


I also found it quiet amusing that the ship was built for the merchants Mohamed Al Ghanim and his brother. I’m guessing they are the owners of the Al Ghanim brand.

So the trip was a bit of a success *thumbs up* after the zoo fail *thumbs down* and after taking a look around at the other smaller vessels anchored next to the Fateh El Khair we made our way back to the parking lot strolling on this gorgeous and windy walkway.

DSC03156If you do visit the Scientific Center, make sure to catch a couple of the films and let me know how your experience was.

Tickets can be booked online at or can be purchased on arrival.