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Hop, Skip And Jump!

Hello There!! Lovely people of the internet world!

I’m so glad to be back! I took a short break from my virtual life, to spend some quality time in the actual, real life that I live in :p I’m glad I did! There’s nothing more gratifying, than spending time, in the company of loved ones and doing , whatever gives you pleasure and peace of mind 🙂

However, I had been working on Hop, Skip and Jump, before I took my break. So, now that I’m back, I’ll quickly jump into it!

As most of you may know, apart from being a writer and an avid crafter, I’m also a mom to an amazing toddler, who keeps my life full and extremely interesting! For that reason, I’ve been asked tons of times, by my working and non working friends (new mommies) what I do to fill up my time, staying at home and “not working”.

First of all, being a Mother= working unlimited hours of time + overtime + after hours + whatever else is left in between.

Now that we have that cleared, lets move on. 😉

I became a mother at a young age and I cannot stress enough, how important it is, (if you want to maintain your sanity) to stop telling yourself that your life will be over, after you have a child! In this day and age, we’re brought up to be independent, in order to survive the rush, we call life and work our hearts out, in order to fill up our bank accounts. It may seem like your life has come to a standstill, just because you don’t have an office going job. BUT, unfortunately that is just because we’re conditioned to believe, that is what will happen. NO, its not a propaganda or a plan against our generation. It comes naturally, when you’re used to being on your feet and earning a livelihood.

Obviously, I have to mention, that its only the women who face this dilemma. Since, we all know, that men are rather unfortunate, for they will never know the joys of being a mother! Yeyyyyy!! *self high five*

As far as wondering, if you’re doing enough, to help your child grow to his/her potential, don’t worry about it! It happens to the best of us. Just make sure to take a breather, every now and then and you’ll be just fine 🙂

Hop, Skip and Jump, is going to be, a new series of posts, which will include tips and ideas on holistic child development, learning and interaction, along with spending quality time with your munchkins.

I hope that these will help you gain confidence as a mom and that it will make spending time with your precious loves, that much more gratifying!




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Final post of gratitude..

My last and Final post of gratitude, for this year goes to My Husband, My Son and all the other wonderful people, who encouraged me and pushed me, to put my best foot forward 🙂 If it wasn’t for you, I would never be, where I am, today. Thank you!!


I was able to achieve many goals this year and I couldn’t be happier!!

I finally launched Zephyr, which was something I had been working on, for a long LONG time!


You can check it out on instagram here @zephyrkwt

I’m really pumped up, for the upcoming year and cannot wait to get started on some of the most awaited projects, in forever!!

Thank you, to all the wonderful people of the internet, who follow my blog and make it worth the effort. Many of you are so talented, that I cannot even imagine being as good as you are!! I wish everybody the best of luck, for the upcoming year and hope that you are blessed with love, luck and happiness FOREVER!!!

See you in 2016 everybody!!!!!

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To Bored Games..

DSC_0976My next post of gratitude is dedicated to the lovely ladies, who have filled the boredom in my life, with laughter, compassion, understanding and games!

DSC_0796Just like these Ninjas, on a mission, every week these ladies, drive through the mind frying traffic of Kuwait and reach the destination, where all the craziness ensues. The Board Games night, comes as pure deliverance, from the rigmarole that is life, that fences in, the entire planet!

DSC_0983To all you lovely, beautiful, extraordinary ladies – M, B, E, A, W, P, R – Thank you, for making my life that much better! DSC_0792 I am stunned, that women from so many different parts of the world, have so much in common! It only goes to show that compassion, friendship and understanding, see no boundaries.. Plus, all these women getting along so well ??!?! What is up with THAT??  😉

DSC_1025I’m looking forward, to seeing you all, after the holidays and vacations are done!! Can’t wait to exude havoc (in a public place) and embarrass, the crap out of everyone, but ourselves!

😉 Shamelessly *thumbs up*