Golden Wok- Chinese Restaurant!

Hey awesome people!

I’m pretty sure, most of us, have faced those days (cravings) for Chinese food, many times in our lives. It happens to the best of us. We follow a strict diet, but then, that moment happens, when you just- want- to- have -those delicious noodles and … get the drift 😉


Well, when I have those sudden attacks, I turn to the trusty old, Golden Wok! First off, its close to where I live, so YEYYYY!!! Second, its one the few good and affordable Chinese restaurants, in Kuwait and thirdly, they’re good!


Yummy Momos

The most important dish for me, has to be the chicken Dumplings or Momos! When I found out, that what I’d been looking for,ever since I moved to this country, was so close to where I lived…I immediately went ahead and tried them! *thumbs up*  I am an absolute fan, of Tibetan cuisine and these are delicious. Plus, I’ve had them so many times, at their restaurant, that they now see my face and start preparing them, before I place my order 😀


Fish Steak 

My Son, has moved on from his chicken love, into the fish arena and loved their fish steak! I was pleasantly surprised because it was his first fish adventure! Needless to say, the fish was well cooked, not over done at all, beautifully seasoned and lip smacking delicious!! That platter, has loads of steamed veggies at the bottom.If you like fish, then this one is worth a try. Just make sure, the fish you order, is what is available, in that particular season.


Vegetable Noodles

No Chinese dinner, for me, would be complete, without some noodles. I usually go for the veggie ones because we usually order many non-vegetarian items. Delicious!! Anyone hungry yet??


Chili Chicken

Why not?? Its awesome because they can make it as spicy as you want and its quiet flavorful. However, this time it was a bit sweet for my liking. I’d probably make note of that and remind them, the next time I visit.


Vegetable Manchurian

Oh MY GOD!! Why haven’t I ever ordered this thing before?? It was absolutely stunning!! I think its the Dry vegetable Manchurian dish and LOOK how gorgeous!! A must try *thumbs up*

You guys…I’m not a food critic and I’m not claiming that Whatever they serve, will be to your liking. BUT, the most important part, about any restaurant, is how consistent they are! These guys, know exactly what they’re doing! Its a small restaurant and has a well functioning kitchen. Inside that kitchen is a Chef, who knows what he’s doing and what it takes to keep this place going!!

I’m thoroughly impressed, with their food and customer service. Its a four table capacity restaurant, but they do home deliveries so… YEYYYY!! If, you’re ever in the area, please do give them a try. They’re a modest establishment, with a promising future 🙂

You can check their menu here.

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post. Golden Wok, has not paid me, to write this review. Everything mentioned here, is based on my personal opinion.




The Caribou Coffee experience.

Hey everyone!

If you’re looking for a place to hang out this week or weekend, go say HI to Kris, at Caribou Coffee, on the coastal road, in Mahboula! She is is this lovely lady at the counter, who took my order last night and made the outing a lot better, by her cheerful banter and gracefulness!

I had, earlier in the evening, had a disappointing experience with a cashier lady at Bairaq Mall and had lost hope in “niceness” in -‘people behind the counter’. So its needless to say that my caribou coffee experience was made better by Kris.

My husband had been insisting on this visit for a while and I must say, it was totally worth it! We had a good time and my son enjoyed the cake. Here are some pics to get you planning your next trip there:

The Fudgy Wudgy

This is what we ordered, though my husband had initially asked for their Honey Latte, which was on promotion a couple months ago, but it seems they don’t have that, on the menu, anymore. Its a shame because it was pretty good…

MOcha, Fudgy Wudgy snowdrifter

We also picked up some magazines there:


But what caught my eye the most was the awesome Reindeer image on the chairs..


That’s it for the this post you guys.

Don’t forget to meet Kris if you got there and Kris if you’re reading this- It was a pleasure meeting you! Thanks a ton love!

See ya at Carabou Cafe guys!


Easy Granola Recipe

Hey all!

I’ve been meaning to post recipes for a while now, but there are so many awesome cooks out there, that i feel extremely under experienced.

Certain recipes are however, built solely over time and experience. That is why, this Granola recipe deserves a mention here. Its super easy and simple. The best part though, is that it can easily be altered, according to ones liking! You can add whatever nuts you prefer. If you don’t want to add the brown sugar, just increase the amount of honey..or maybe not!

Its completely up to you! Trust me and give it a go. It will not disappoint you! Lemme know how it turns out!

Watch me mix up a batch here :



Hello there!

I’ve been to Paul innumerable times and every time I look at their menu, I end up thinking, about the first time I ate there. It was the most exquisite Croque Monsieur I have tasted in a looong time.



Being a creature of habit [and because I know its going to be delectable], I find myself ordering the same sandwich, EVEN THOUGH its no longer on the menu!! And here’s why I love PAUL so much… its not on the menu, but the awesome , Awesome, AWESOME chef always agrees to indulge me!

So far I’ve been to two of their branches and both the places have impressed me with their readiness, to accommodate the customer. Not only that, that sandwich  is Divine.. If u haven’t had the chance to have it yet, take my word and go for it.

Its scrumptious. Its light. Its mouthwatering….

I’m off to Paul…! See you there!

Funnel Cake Time!!

Before I get into the details about my Funnel Cake making experience, I want to point out that I did not have the proper Funnel Cake Batter Dispenser..?!

Now that we have established that I made funnel cakes without a funnel or a funnel cake batter dispenser, we will all find it easier to accept the final look of the funnel cakes.

Funnel Cakes

I’ve been meaning to make funnel cakes for over a week now, but I couldn’t get around to doing it because I was hoping to find some gadget to make my life much easier, while I attempted a funnel cake cooking adventure! Obviously that wouldnt happen, so I used the regular ketchup dispensing bottle, which I found at one of the 100 fils shop, somewhere in Kuwait.

21g111kBhQLI was holding back on making these, even though I had the ketchup dispenser, simply because I knew that the cakes would be thinner in texture, since the opening of the ketchup bottle was so tiny. Ultimately, I gave in to the ominous demands of my sweet tooth and went ahead with the Funnel cake making.

Funnel Cake with Powdered Sugar

The cakes were delicious nevertheless and were finished within the evening. They did cook much faster than the thicker ones would, but since the cooking time reduced by a million seconds, it was a win win situation! Yeyyy!!

My suggestion is that if you do have an extremely demanding sweet tooth, just get yourself some raisins and be happy. But of course, that’s not an option when your sweet tooth has a mind of its own (like mine) and doesn’t get fooled by just raisins. In that case, just go ahead and make some funnel cakes! They are simple and most importantly quick to put together.

Or you could make Churros!! Oh yummm………….. 😐