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To Bored Games..

DSC_0976My next post of gratitude is dedicated to the lovely ladies, who have filled the boredom in my life, with laughter, compassion, understanding and games!

DSC_0796Just like these Ninjas, on a mission, every week these ladies, drive through the mind frying traffic of Kuwait and reach the destination, where all the craziness ensues. The Board Games night, comes as pure deliverance, from the rigmarole that is life, that fences in, the entire planet!

DSC_0983To all you lovely, beautiful, extraordinary ladies – M, B, E, A, W, P, R – Thank you, for making my life that much better! DSC_0792 I am stunned, that women from so many different parts of the world, have so much in common! It only goes to show that compassion, friendship and understanding, see no boundaries.. Plus, all these women getting along so well ??!?! What is up with THAT??  😉

DSC_1025I’m looking forward, to seeing you all, after the holidays and vacations are done!! Can’t wait to exude havoc (in a public place) and embarrass, the crap out of everyone, but ourselves!

😉 Shamelessly *thumbs up*



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