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Unpublished posts!

There are times when I am on a roll. When I can sit and write a blog post every other day and feel, like I can continue like that, through the week/month. However, other days, I just don’t have the time.. I am always occupied with something and don’t even realize how much time has actually passed!

So this post, is dedicated to some of the posts, that I meant to write about, but couldn’t find the time to. I might pick some of them up later and make a post, but for now, Enjoy the pics 🙂

These gorgeous beauties I picked up on sale somewhere. One in each color because…why not???
Lace fabric bought sometime in the last century
These beautiful quilt blocks from one of the KTAA meetings I attended last year
or this pincushion I saw at the same meeting
This Halloween table runner which was meant to be recreated on one of the KTAA sew days last year
This Halloween Table runner block, I recreated, but forgot to cut the nose
This pretty bird in the Kuwait Pet Market
This cat symbolizing the animal cruelty being practiced in the Kuwait Pet Market
These chicks being dyed all colors regardless of the harm they face..also in the KUwait Pet Market
Mist and Fix that left a 9KD dent in my wallet


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