Horrible Kuwait Airport Experience!!#%*#

Hey Everybody!

Yesterday, I saw this post on 248am.com and I was not at all surprised. I had a similar experience, a little over a month ago and I was mortified! In his post, Mark has mentioned, how badly some of the expatriates, were treated, at the Kuwait Airport and how sad it is to see, that things like this happen, in this day and age.

I was travelling with my son and usually, the airport staff (no matter what country you go to) makes the travelling a little bit easier, for mothers or parents travelling with young kids. But that was not the case, at the Kuwait Airport.. I was waiting to clear immigration, when the officer who was checking our passports, started asking me unusual questions. If that was not enough, he involved the officer in the adjacent booth and both of them started talking ABOUT me.

Now, I am not very fluent in Arabic, but I could understand everything they were saying. Both of them kept discussing how I looked and guessing my age. They kept smiling at me and asking me where I lived. PLUS, many things that have nothing to do with national security! Not only that, they asked me questions, which were seriously none of their business. I was mortified even more, when they kept staring at me!!! NOT in a respectful manner, but in the disgusting and disrespectful way, no woman should have to face!! Its terrible to even say that, but that’s exactly what happened and since I was alone, I didn’t know who exactly to approach.

I kept my cool and left from there as soon as they let me go. I was alarmed that in a place like Kuwait, something like this could happen, but it did and its shameful! Its a point of deep decline, even for Kuwait.

I completely agree, that maybe the female officers should be brought back. I’m glad that 248am posted this incident. Hopefully, some one in charge will read it and do the needful.


2 thoughts on “Horrible Kuwait Airport Experience!!#%*#

  1. Strange, I remember being greeted by a female officer after having arrived from Ummrah. I wasn’t aware that it wasn’t always the case. Also don’t expect much respect from security forces in Kuwait. They aren’t exactly chosen for their respectful nature.

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