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Kids Craft Kuwait !

Hey everyone!

This past week, I decided, that I would get my son some play stuff, from Kids Craft Kuwait.

Now, before I even begin to tell you, why I’m SO GLAD that I did, I’d like to mention that they are worth the try and I highly recommend trying their stuff out.


I am an absolute fan of home made play dough’s and playthings that are made with organic/edible items. So when I saw that, that’s exactly what Kids Craft Kuwait were offering, I immediately placed my order!

I was very excited to see their play dough, corn and cloud sand. Its something that I have been meaning to do for my son, for a long time, but time constraints always limit the amount of work I can manage sometimes. So when I decided to give myself a break and let Kids Craft Kuwait handle this, I made a good decision!

Military Themed Cloud Dough Box

The lovely Emina, set up this cute little military themed cloud dough box for me and my son loved it! He spent an hour playing with this. I was a happy mom 😀

Colored Corn Sensory Box

This colored corn sensory box was a HUGE hit! My son has enjoyed this the most out of these two boxes that I ordered. I customized both the boxes to my liking and I was very satisfied with how they turned out!


Emina also added a complementary box of play dough to our order!

All in all, this shopping experience was amazing 🙂 If you have kids and you’re living in Kuwait, you have got to try these guys. I’m already planning on trying some of the other stuff they have.

Check out their instagram here – kidscraftkuwait

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post. I have not earned any benefit, monetary or otherwise from Kids Craft Kuwait. All opinions mentioned here are based on my personal experience.


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