Kuwait Books!

Hello there everybody!

Has anyone seen my baton? The one that reads – Kuwait has no good bookstores AND that I dislike the place because I never find the books I’m looking for and I am tired of ordering them online?? Well, I think I lost it, somewhere in the book laden shelves of Kuwait Books, last night!

If you’re like me and books are your oxygen, I suggest you get up off your chairs, stop reading this blog and find your way to them. It doesn’t look like much, when you reach the spot the GPS takes you to, you will be faced with a dilemma:

The entryway to the bookstore

We almost didn’t enter the premises. Firstly, because it was very dark. There are no signs on the road, that lead you in this direction and you might get suspicious, of the GPS lady for a bit, at this point. Secondly, I was certain that Zombies were waiting for us in there! But you guys be brave and walk in because once you do, this is what you will get to:       DSC_0306 The reading angels will welcome you and you will get lost in here…

DSC_0297 Trust me guys, these people have it all. They had most of what I had been looking for, for a long time! I was so impressed with their collection and they even had these:

john Grisham

I had been looking for these for ages and I found them here!! I have the novel sized ones, but these are the real deal for me. You see, I have a whole library situation going on in the house and I have as many books as I have clothes. I am not ashamed to admit that I have a LOT of books. Technology is great and everything but I find solace in reading. I was especially intrigued when I saw this shelf:

The guitar

That guitar right there, is the long lost brother of my guitar! I wanted to get my guitar and place it right next to that guy sitting on top of the shelf. But then I got carried away and found this:

DSC_0310 And this:

DSC_0299The bookstore has its own charm you guys. There’s so much to explore, these pictures can never do justice to the collection they have there. As if it weren’t enough, that they had some of the very rare books I have seen, they’ve made the place very cozy and inviting for those who wish to sit and read. PLUS, if you return the books you purchased from them, they give you store credit! Wooohoo!!

DSC_0315It was only two days ago, that my ignorance about the bookstore, came to a sudden end, when a friend told me they had reopened in a new place. We were in the area and my husband suggested we check it out. I was more than happy and it was a good decision! You wont be returning empty handed from here, I guarantee you.

We’ve been going around Kuwait, looking for children’s books and let me tell you, it has been a struggle. You do get books in Kuwait, don’t get me wrong, but they are either WAYY overpriced or are in Arabic. We found a good collection of books for children here [at Q8 Books] and I let my son pick what he wanted. They have a good variety and they even had some books by local authors! I was happy to see those because I had not seen, some of them, elsewhere.

Books for children

DSC_0301Our trip to the bookstore wasn’t planned and we drove there on instinct. Nevertheless, it was a satisfying experience and we will definitely be returning, very soon!  Honestly, I almost didn’t want to write this post because I wanted to keep the bookstore a secret 😛

So any John Grisham fans reading this, please don’t go pick those books. I ran out of cash last night, but I intend to go back and get them!

For more information on the bookstore you can visit their website: q8books.com

You can  also follow them on Instagram: @q8bookstore

4 thoughts on “Kuwait Books!

      1. Ha Ha ,You know what I meant Better Books and Café ,Kuwait and said “Kuwait Books”. Looks like the mistake was worth it 😉

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