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Shopping at Daiso!

Hey all!

You know, how sometimes, you dream of cute little cottages, surrounded by happy flowers and trees laden with fruits? Well, that is Daiso for me!

I’m guessing everyone out there knows what Daiso is, but for those who don’t, its a Japanese brand. They have stores all over the place and fortunately, they have a couple of stores, here in Kuwait as well! Yeyyy!! 😀

So, every time I go to Daiso [which should be more frequent than it actually is] I end up buying a lot of stuff.

Firstly, because it is so darn cute!!! I mean just look at this hot water bottle!! You’d just wanna cuddle with it and forget all about your pain…

Cutest Hot water bottle EVER!!

Second, its not very expensive, so I pick up things I normally wouldn’t in other stores:

Pillow for back support

PLUS, they have all this cool stuff !! I mean, just check this out:

Plastic bag sealer

The Genius of this stuff!! Who came up with this??? Its battery operated and tiny enough to fit in your little pocket! I am especially excited about this because I was getting really tired of having to put opened cookie bags and chips in jars and such. They take up way too much counter space and if you’re living in Kuwait, you’d know how difficult that is to come by. For those who aren’t aware, the rent in Kuwait is WAY TOO MUCH.. you end up paying more than half of your earnings in rent, for houses the size of peanuts! True story.. :/

On a side note, did you guys know that Kuwait had been voted the worst place for expatriates to live in?? According to a survey, a couple months ago.. I don’t exactly remember where I read it though.. hmm..

Anyway, lets go back to the happy place ! Daiso! So here is some other stuff I bought:

Mini Travel sewing kit
because we ALL have neck aches
A very Japanese Mortar and Pestle
Paper carnation making kit

WHAT???…Well, because we all NEED to make paper carnations!!!

Tiny containers

I needed these, to put homemade lip balms in. Which I gave as gifts for Eid a few days ago. You can see how i added them with the rest of the gifts HERE!

Fluffy Fabric!

I plan to make a fluffy cover for my new hot water bottle, hence this fabric scrap, with the cutest sheep face on it!

I also bought some glass jars to put home made body butters in, but I didn’t take any pics of those. Although, after looking at all this, you can totally believe, that they were super cute!

I hope you enjoyed eyeing all this cuteness.. Go get yourself some Daiso therapy you guys.. 🙂

Totally worth it!


2 thoughts on “Shopping at Daiso!

  1. Your guess is wrong, not everyone in Kuwait knows about Daiso..not me 😉 In fact yesterday I was searching on Google for cheap stores in Kuwait and it came up with Souq Al-Wataniya..that’s again new for me . Makes me think I need a “get to know Kuwait” tour .
    Really cute things got from Daiso.

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