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The Caribou Coffee experience.

Hey everyone!

If you’re looking for a place to hang out this week or weekend, go say HI to Kris, at Caribou Coffee, on the coastal road, in Mahboula! She is is this lovely lady at the counter, who took my order last night and made the outing a lot better, by her cheerful banter and gracefulness!

I had, earlier in the evening, had a disappointing experience with a cashier lady at Bairaq Mall and had lost hope in “niceness” in -‘people behind the counter’. So its needless to say that my caribou coffee experience was made better by Kris.

My husband had been insisting on this visit for a while and I must say, it was totally worth it! We had a good time and my son enjoyed the cake. Here are some pics to get you planning your next trip there:

The Fudgy Wudgy

This is what we ordered, though my husband had initially asked for their Honey Latte, which was on promotion a couple months ago, but it seems they don’t have that, on the menu, anymore. Its a shame because it was pretty good…

MOcha, Fudgy Wudgy snowdrifter

We also picked up some magazines there:


But what caught my eye the most was the awesome Reindeer image on the chairs..


That’s it for the this post you guys.

Don’t forget to meet Kris if you got there and Kris if you’re reading this- It was a pleasure meeting you! Thanks a ton love!

See ya at Carabou Cafe guys!


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