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Buying Yarn In Kuwait..


As you know, I have introduced myself to the fascinating art of knitting recently and I cannot explain how pleased I am with it!

I have been constantly knitting ever since my last post and I haven’t really found the time to blog about whatever I have knit so far. I haven’t had the time to click pictures of what I have made so far but I did however, take pictures at the yarn store the last time I was there.


This is the place where I usually go to pick my yarn, when inspiration strikes. They have a good collection of yarn and a few different choices. Of course, most of it is acrylic but they also have 100% wool and 100% cotton yarns, at very reasonable costs.



Every time I go there I end up picking up extra yarn (which i would need to eventually replenish). Hence, another convenient excuse is ready, for a visit to the yarn store, even before I have a project in mind. I don’t know the name of the store because they don’t have any signs, but I’m guessing this store is an extension to an existing store in the market.

If you have ever been to Souq Safat, you will know what I’m talking about. There are many stores there and some retailers have a separate store dedicated to specialty items.

When I started knitting and found this store, I knew I was in love with all that yarn, the moment I set eyes on it. I have seen many yarn stores back home and know that they have much better varieties and options, but in a place like Kuwait, where choices are extremely limited, finding all this stashed in a tiny corner of Souq Safat was a relief.

So if you’re looking to shop for yarn, you better get it now, before the winters disappear for a long time 😛

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