Trip to Wafra Farms!!

Hey All!!

If you’re getting really bored in Kuwait- Like Me.. OR if you have kids then the best place to take them to, would be Wafra Farms. Wafra is known for its fertile soil and you can read more about it HERE. The most amusing part, is that they do grow a lot of vegetables, here in the desert land of Kuwait!

Wafra Farms (20)

Plan a picnic, pack some lunch and drive to Wafra. The trip will be totally worth it! There are many farms in the area but few allow visitors. We went straight to Yasmin Farms because that is what we had read about extensively, online. Just make sure you leave in the early afternoon, so you can spend some time looking around the farm. Yasmin Farms has a small farmers market on its premises and you can also take a Golf Cart ride (for 10 KD) around the farm. They drive you through the farm land and you get to see the cattle and the animal hospital and all the fun stuff.

Wafra Farms (60)

If you like a good outing and dont mind walking around the green land, this outing will be really fun for you. It was especially a success because we’ve been teaching our son, all about farm animals recently and this trip took learning, to a whole new level. He experienced everything first hand and enjoyed running around in the green fields.

Wafra Farms (13)
Funky cauldron hanging from the Farmers market ceiling.

Wafra Farms (14)

Wafra Farms (58)
I do NOT like this sign.

This sign was near the parking area of the farm. i will not post more pics and take the fun away from your visit 🙂

Trust me on this one and take the trip! Would love to hear about your experience!

Get the directions to Yasmin farm HERE.

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