Saddle Club or SAD Club???


Saddle Club (17)

Hey Everybody!

Lat weekend we went to the Saddle club, which is located in Ahmadi. It was quite and empty. Since it was a weekend, I was expecting a crowd, or maybe a few odd riders practicing their riding skills. Unfortunately, much like my sad experience at the Kuwait Zoo, the Saddle club was sitting there, offering much more disappointment than the zoo.

This was especially the case because I love Horses and I feel like they are such majestic animals. I didn’t know that a place like Kuwait, with obviously awesome everything, could have a space like this in its vicinity and still have the audacity to call it the Saddle CLUB.

Saddle Club (21)Saddle Club (1)


I do not know the name of this sweet looking creature because there was no body there, at the “club”. When I say nobody, I mean NOBODY. Well, except for the horses.

After having parked the car, inside the premises of the “club”, we made our way towards the paddock, that was situated a little way ahead of the entrance. That is where I met this lovely looking but slightly sluggish horse. Him and his pal, who was also kept in the same paddock, were busy licking at an empty food tray; which was covered in dust and had absolutely no traces of hay; or whatever it is they feed the animals.

A little ahead of the paddock, was the stable, which was empty. We didn’t see any horses in there and there seemed to be some kind of leak in the water line because there were puddles of water all over the floor and even in the cubicles, where the horses are kept individually.

Saddle Club (3)

A little further along the way, we saw this paddock, which was much larger than the one we saw earlier. The picture does not do justice to the plight of the animals because in reality they looked really ill fed and scrawny.

I guess the Saddle “Club” is something like Boarding Stable, where people pay some fee to keep there horses, fed and groomed. Whoever is maintaining this place, is doing a horrible job. I don’t think all the horses are down with some disease but I do feel they can be cared for, way better,than how they’re being treated now.

When we were about to leave the “Club” after 45 mins, of walking around and clicking pictures and feeling sad and obviously waiting for the owner or caretaker to show up, a man showed up at our car and invited us, to join him in his office. We were already too upset about the whole situation, so we took our leave and promised to return later some time.

I’m hoping that the place will have improved on our next visit.

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