Waffle And Steak Pancakes!

Hey all!

Ever since I’ve landed in Kuwait, I have taken it upon myself, to find good food in this part of the world. Its natural, I guess, to look for food in a new place and I have to say, that I really wanted to try the waffles at Waffle and Steak.

Waffle & Steak (23)

That being said, imagine my disappointment when I was told that no waffles were available for that day! BUT – they totally made it up by serving the yummiest, fluffiest, melt in your mouth pancakes! They were delicious and I am a FAN of those lovely pancakes 🙂

Waffle & Steak (7)

Its possible that I was starving, when I reached the place, but I’m pretty sure they are good. My son seemed to enjoy them a lot! hes’s quiet picky when it comes to food, so I was happy he didnt pull a new face at them!  So PLEASE do yourselves a favor and head over to Waffle and Steak. I hope they are still making pancakes the same way they did, two days ago.

Waffle & Steak (1)

I also tried the vanilla milkshake, it tasted good but I felt like it was a bit too cold, to be able to tell the taste properly :p But its definitly better than a few disappointments I’ve tasted in several other places.

Waffle & Steak (9)This is  what my husband ordered, and I have no clue what it tasted like, but he told me it was good. I did however, notice, that the burger was not quiet as big as, say Burger King, but it was medium sized. I personally feel that’s a good thing.

Also, I was extremely disappointed in the- Good Morning America- breakfast platter. I later realized that I should’ve gone for their Traditional English Breakfast, like I had initially planned to.

I also found a little bit of IKEA in their decor

Waffle & Steak (10)

I love IKEA so that was good. Plus there was also this cool Diner sign I wanted to take home with me, but there were way too many people there, at that time.

Waffle & Steak (12)

Maybe when no ones looking ….

All this talk about food is making me hungry! Maybe I should go get some pancakes…

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