The ‘Long time no see’ post!

Well hello there everyone! I hope that every body, every where, is doing great and EID MUBARAK to everybody!!

Sadly the magical month of Ramadan is over 😦 and I hope and pray that we get to live through this year and see the next Ramadan in the best of health- InshaAllah. Ramadan is awesome ok, people are so cool during this month! They are all nice, calm, patient, generous and all things good. I witnessed people who hate each other, be kind to one another and even helpful; but the day Eid arrived, they were back to drawing new faces at each other and complaining incessantly.. SubhanAllah! Hahahhaha!!

Anyway, I have obviously been very busy this past month and haven’t had time for blogging. BUT tons of stuff has been happening and I am super excited to share it with you guys!



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