Flu Days..

I am extremely MAD at Kuwait!

First they make me run around for all the paperwork and then they make me wait and wait and wait some more and THEN my son and I get sick from the apparent “Kuwait Flu” that “everyone gets when you’re here”..

Ever since I have moved here, I have started feeling like a terrorist. There are so many legalities! The people in charge at all the offices that we have to go to, always seem to be suspicious (severe trust issues) and that some times makes me nervous; like I’m going to be arrested any minute!

Now about that flu- apart from being told that “everyone gets it” I have also been told that “its a gulf thing and all the other gulf countries are similar”. Well, I am not living in any other gulf country, I am living in Kuwait and so I can only get mad at Kuwait for making us sick! Plus the weather is getting worse, there’s only dust everywhere and its really upsetting my nose for some reason.

So, for this, Kuwait gets a minus 1 + *thumbs down*.


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