Dress Form Hunt

Dress Forms

For those of us who do not have an office going job, life here in Kuwait, can get really boring. We don’t get to meet as many people as we would like to and after a point shopping becomes mundane.

The plus point of this situation though, is that we get to build on a serious hobby! I have diverted my attention towards sewing crafts. Its amusing, creative and satisfying once you’ve finished a project you took on. I have sewn myself a few clothes and I would really like to take it to the next level.

Therefore, to work towards this goal I have been looking for dress forms all over Kuwait, but have been unable to locate any store, that carries a good Dress Form. By dress form I mean the lovely looking feminine one :

Pretty Dress Form

And not the kind that looks like a person is hanging from a pole, committing suicide:

Dress Form Committing Suicide

And by Dress Form I also do not mean this:


These I have been directed to many times and they are available at Souq Al Mubarakiya in Kuwait city.

If anyone has any idea where I can find the correct Dress Form, here in Kuwait, I’d be eternally grateful for that information. The only other option I am considering now, is Amazon.

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