Canadian Health Bar at Kuwait PACI !

Hey all!

For all the expats in Kuwait, reading this blog, I’m sure you have been through -or are currently going through- the same excruciatingly long paperwork procedures, that I am going through at the moment. Also, it’s needless to say, that they are supremely irritating and a bit too much to take, after a certain point.

So when I recently went to the PACI Kuwait Office (Public Authority Of Civil Information), I had mentally prepared myself for a few more agonizing moments of wait and ultimately lethargy. I also just realized, that I seem to get really lethargic on these trips of mine ..from sitting and waiting apparently. I should totally see a doctor about this.

I guess someone finally took note of my situation and sent these health bars, to be distributed, free of cost, at the entrance of the PACI Office!

Granola bars

At first, when I saw this pretty girl, standing at the entrance to the building I assumed she must be there for her paperwork too- wearing a cowboy hat and carrying a red riding hood basket. Eventually I noticed that she was smiling and walking towards me, offering one of these. I humbly refused and moved on. Since I’m human too, I obviously also thought for a second- what if they were poisoning us??- by freely distributing granola bars that contains some sort of lethal drug! So feeling really clever I went around my work, beaming with pride and thinking- AHA! you cant fool me!- I outsmarted the secret plan to poison free loading expats and took my son to wait in the car with me, while my husband finished the rest of the paperwork.

Now imagine my predicament- PLEASE- when my husband opened the car door smiling and handed me the granola bars saying- Here.. these are for you! I just kept looking at them and obviously, FIRST- felt totally and irrevocably embarrassed because I’d just refused to take them and SECOND- how come she offered me only one while my husband walks away with three!!

We haven’t tried the bars yet and they have found a permanent spot on our dining table; from where they constantly challenge me to try and not eat them…

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