The Kuwait Scientific Center

After the disappointing Zoo visit, my husband directed my attention towards the Kuwait Scientific Center. He promised that I would feel much better once I visited the Scientific Center because it was immaculately maintained.

Considering the amount of money Kuwait has, I was imagining the Scientific Center Aquarium to be something like the Sea World, Australia. The few images I found online, for the Kuwait Aquarium, seemed to resemble the Gold Coast Sea World I had fallen in love with a couple years ago- and almost didn’t leave because of its awesomeness! The Australia Zoo was also one place I will never forget. I’m telling you guys, make sure you visit these two at least once in your life time, its totally going to be worth it!

Anyway, with all the riches the country (Kuwait) has to offer, I have to say that the Scientific Center- Aquarium, was nothing like the Sea World. That aside, I thought that the Scientific Center was well maintained, no doubt and since we only saw two places within the Scientific Center, I will share my experience about those.

So, we went to the Scientific Center and bought tickets to the Aquarium and the Discovery Place (thinking that the discovery place had something to do with animals and habitat or the like). Instead, it was a play area for kids. they had a big sand box inside and some games and activities to keep children busy, while their parents can look around the center.

DSC03136There was a Starbucks in there and some other stalls for popcorn and stuff, for when you get really hungry while looking at all the fossils they have on display.

DSC03123The Aquarium was well maintained. It was neat and organized. They had all sorts of animals- including owls, snakes and big black Beetles in the Scorpion display cage. It was rather unfortunate- for whoever wanted to pass Beetles off as scorpions- that we already knew what scorpions actually look like!

Obviously most of it was filled with various fish and other sea creatures.

Schooling Fish

DSC03132DSC03134They also have IMAX there and I want to watch some of the films they are playing. We are planning a visit this weekend and hoping that the IMAX staff is toddler excitement friendly.

Right next to the scientific center is the Harbor where you can find, neatly perched into the dock, the ship Fateh-El-Khair. It is supposed to be the only surviving ship from Kuwaits pre-oil era. Its a beauty and the wood work on it is gorgeous.


I also found it quiet amusing that the ship was built for the merchants Mohamed Al Ghanim and his brother. I’m guessing they are the owners of the Al Ghanim brand.

So the trip was a bit of a success *thumbs up* after the zoo fail *thumbs down* and after taking a look around at the other smaller vessels anchored next to the Fateh El Khair we made our way back to the parking lot strolling on this gorgeous and windy walkway.

DSC03156If you do visit the Scientific Center, make sure to catch a couple of the films and let me know how your experience was.

Tickets can be booked online at  http://www.tsck.org.kw or can be purchased on arrival.



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