Sales Everywhere!

I don’t know about the rest of the world, but here in Kuwait “Super Sale” Season is on! Its something like a Pre-Ramadan Sale, where everything becomes super cheap and affordable. People all over Kuwait, expatriates and Kuwaitis alike, go on a crazy shopping binge and start hoarding stuff ! Of course, there are those important things we all need during Ramadan- heavy cream, cream cheese, hundred kilos of sugar, ice creams, all types of cheeses known to mankind- without which the Holy month would somehow be incomplete! SubhanAllah!

Anyway, we were in Kuwait City yesterday and I decided to look around for the cheapest places to buy random stuff from. I do know Behbahani/ Al Mahameed, have the cheapest possible deals on everything imaginable. These are also places where you can bargain for the prices and end up with a good amount of decent stuff. You just really need to look around and hunt from shelves and racks of clothes and also walk further into the store to be able to find stuff, otherwise being sold for a much higher price elsewhere.

Gorgeous Hijab Pins/ Hair Pins

I found these pretty looking Hijab and Hair pins priced at 100 Fils! I do know of a certain boutique where I saw similar pins and they were priced way more than this. This store has most of the things priced at 500 Fils and below. They also carry expensive Hijabs costing 4.500KD each (and above) and of good quality as well.

Store with the Hijab Pins and Hijabs

In case you are looking for the basic Hijabs (Black White Grey Brown etc.) make sure you check this place out. They have a wide variety of Hijabs but BEWARE of the cheap quality ones as well. Where on one hand they have very lovely light weight cotton, they also have very cheap quality stuff.

Hijab caps and Hijabs

I also have a new favorite store there! I know the sign says “To Day” but the sale has been on for a while and will apparently be on for a month more. They have the most amazing gems hidden in there! I was able to get my hands on some very beautiful full length, maxi dresses and couldn’t believe my luck! They may have costed somewhere between 10-15 KD initially, but they’re all being sold for 2.500 KD/each now. Rest assured, that you will end up being disappointed by most of their collection but if you patiently find your way around the overflowing- almost breaking with the weight of the clothes- racks, you will walk out of there feeling elated.You obviously need to rush though because most of the good stock will have disappeared within a few days.

Store with the hidden gems 

So go ahead and shop at Behabahani, just be sure to check the material really well before you make the purchase.

Happy shopping!

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