The Hijab Story


“The worst of men is a bad learned man and a good learned man is the best”.

[Prophet Muhammad SAW. Peace be upon him]

In all honesty, I’ve made a couple of blog posts in the past, on various sites, but never kept track of them. Firstly, because I dint get sufficient time and secondly, because I thought I wasn’t any good at it (so why bother anyway).

Until recently, when I came across a blog post by a sister, mentioning why/when she’d started wearing the Hijab. Alhumdullillah. It was one of the very few interesting pieces of write-ups I’d read in the recent past. I was happy to learn her story and went on to find more and more related articles and videos regarding the same thing. They were all very inspiring. (To all of these, I will add the links below) Insha Allah.

So I decided to share my story with this ever growing ‘blogging’ community. If Allah wishes to grant someone the light of knowledge, it shines through the toughest of hardships. Therefore, I want to contribute, help and motivate my fellow sisters (and myself alike) to continue or start covering themselves as Allah has commanded. Plus, I think its a good thing to be able to share each others experiences and learn from them.

Without going into the intricate details of the ‘how and why’ of my Hijab story, I’ll tell you the shorter version. According to me the most beautiful thing about a woman, is her modesty. The grace with which she carries herself reflects her character. I guess its safe to say that I’ve never encountered a more gorgeous looking woman, than one covered in a ‘Proper’ Hijab. I say proper because these days the definition of hijab has changed quiet a lot!

Anyhow, I wasn’t brought up in an orthodox Islamic environment. My parents never forced me to cover my head, although I do recall a time when I was in the 6th grade and expressed the wish to cover up! But that dint happen because .. well there was no one in the house who supported such a ‘preposterous’ preposition. Unfortunately, I could never get around to doing it because of the same reason and hence, silently resolved to myself, that I would do it when I am on my own.

Throughout the time that I’ve traveled and have been places, I’ve seen a tri-zillion women wearing a hijab. But I still wasn’t quiet there yet. Today, a year into married life, my husband is that pillar of support which helps me live up to that hope I’d built as a child. Alhumdullillah.

I speak of it with pride and believe that I have conviction like never before. I can persuade tons of women to change their perspective because I’ve seen the worst in life. Where I come from, women are just slaves of dirty schemes, which make them believe that beauty lies in exposing, rather than in being modest.

It doesnt matter how late you are in doing the right thing, its important that when you finally do it, you do it right! InshaAllah Allah will guide you through the toughest of scenarios, if you have faith. Never be scared of being judged or critisized when you know you’re doing the right thing :). Oh! and dont be surprised if you “good friends” decide to leave you.

So, my dear sisters (and readers) BE BRAVE and sport a hijab. Its beautiful šŸ™‚ . Tell your sisters and your friends why its good. Learn about it. Insha Allah I will keep you posted about anything and everything that comes my way, regarding the most questioned dressing style in the history of mankind !

Here are the blog/site links that I’d mentioned earlier-





The Video Links –

Enjoy! šŸ™‚

Allah Hafiz!

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